Dry/cure while away

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How do you manage a plant that is harvested, trimmed & dry, but not cured?

May be going away for a few days.

These plants will be dry by then and I wanted to cure them, but won't be around to open jars.

I don't want them to just hang and keep drying for four extra days because they will be dried to powder by then, but I know if I jar them up w/o being around to open the jars mold will set in.

What are some other options?
Maybe poke a few holes in the top of the jars so there is some slight air exchange.

Now I'm not saying this will definitely work. It just seems like what I would do in your situation.

If you are using mason jars you can just buy new lids after that or put tape over the holes.

Or ask a friend to open them for u.
If you leave them hanging too long you can always just put a fresh leaf in the jars for the first day or so to get some moisture back into them. Then start the curing process. My first grow i left them hanging for about 4 days too long and did this. It turned out fine.
It's better to have buds that are to dry than moldy ones. Your chances of revitalizing dry buds are much better than salvaging moldy buds, Uck. You might try slowing the drying process be hanging them in a cool place with little or no air movement. This may be risky if mold is already in the room so disenfect the room if possible. Good Luck
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