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Dry ice use for CO2

Major PITA

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For making kief, yes - not for adding CO2 in growing.
Too much $$$ for the difference it makes. Also, I need to vent air to keep temperature and RH in line. All I'd be doing is sucking that expensive dry ice out the window.


Thanks for the info, last time i checked prices on dry ice it wasnt too expensive and since i have a small set up, i didnt think i would need a great deal of it, im thinkin a pound would last at least a few weeks. I may do some trial and error and see if it worth it, if not im gonna go with the 2 liter fermenting idea i read about, but if my OP gets bigger then i will need to find a better way to introduce co2 to my plants


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Yea maybe i should just save the money and not worry about lol! I think i will hold off for now and just use the baking soda once in awhile, thanks to the both of you, there really is no reason to spend money on worrying about co2 especially with my set up.

:thumb: put that cash towards some good seed stock.:cheer:

Major PITA

Member of the Month: Oct 2015, June 2016
One pound of dry ice only lasts a few hours and that's if it is insulated. With the heat in a grow room, it won't last long at all.
CO2 is fine but it is probably the last place I'd put $$$ and effort. Everything else should be dialed in perfectly to take advantage of it.
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