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Drying and Curing


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hi guys
I just smoked a bud i stole out of my curring jar and
it had bad taste of soil and very harsh on the throat, the effect wasnt so great as well
but thats a different thread...(strains,harvest time etc.)

my question is - is it normal that its so bad at this stage after 6 days in the jar?
how much better would it get and how long would it take?

3 plants - northern lights, afgan kush, skunk#1
harvested at day 62 - 75grams total
hang dried for 6 days (stem didnt brake, but leaves were crisp and stems looked dry from inside)
jarred for 6 days (i opened the jars as frequent as all the articles say...)

Thanks all!:peace:


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I'm on my first grow right now but from what I know it can take over 14 days to properly cure the bud, and that's only AFTER it has been dried out.
Hey man, yeah i know that most cures take even 30-60 days
i know i did not smoke my final product, but im asking if what i expirienced was normal
or should i expect bad result in the future as well


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Dear silloroy
Curing is the hardest part to find the patience for. I know my dear hubby always takes budds off of the stems as it is drying. I always tell people think of curing like aging a fine wine the longer it ages the better it gets . Remember you must remove the lids from the jars for at least an hour in the morning and then again in the early evening. Also always replace the lids and place the jars upside down. Why upside down ? Good question. Because believe it or not it helps the taste hey go figure. I just know i have done both upside down and right side up and upside down is better.


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Dear silloroy
Very normal budd rarely tastes the best so early in the curing process however it helps if you add sweetener when you are flowering. I go to the grocery store and buy flavor extracts and I add one half ounce for every 5 gallons of water. I have used the 20 and 30 dollar bottles that are sold in grow stores and I personally say there is no difference except in what I spend and quite frankly a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

devils letuce

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do u know what the rh in the jar is?

u can check my signature below in the how to grow marijuana thread to find curing details .
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