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Drying & curing


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hey 420 peeps , quick question ..... i harvested my chem dog #4 and let them dry until the small stem attached to each bud cracked (not bent) cracked .....today they went straight into mason jars for cure and burp. i went to burp the jars today and noticed that some moisture had returned to the buds. is this ok ? how do you dry , cure and burp ? thanks :Namaste:

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re: Drying & curing

It is normal for buds to feel more moist after being in a jar for a bit. That's why you burp the jar.
Moisture in the plant comes from two different places: inter-cellular and intra-cellular. Inter-cellular moisture leaves quickly. It is the mobile water stored between cells of the plant. Intra-cellular moisture is water deep within the plant's cells. It dries out too, but more slowly. Even if you get a reading of 60% initially, as that slow-to-evaporate moisture makes its way out of the cells, the buds and air in the jar will regain humidity.


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The longer the cure the better the smoke! My last cure has been in for 6 months. Good advice above... Happy Growing!

thanks to all who helped me out !!! @ ripples ...... like a fine wine ...... my last project highwayman cured for 3 months and one mason jar with 2 colas (a topped plant.5 month cure) a big differance from the taste test at about a month curing.............:Namaste:
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