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Drying Humidity & Why


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So I see all these numbers all over when it comes to growing, veg, flower, drying etc..... Well I am confused by one set of numbers....

Drying humidity....

I hear people freak out about humidity levels during flower and suggest 35-50% RH during flower so you dont get mold or bud rot, but then I see many people say dry at a RH of around 60-65% till stems snap .....

What about rot and mold????

I ask because I have not much experience and all my drying has usually taken 4-5 days and then goes in jars yet all I ever smell is grass/hay unless of course I fondle my nugs.... I hate having to fondle my nugs....


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30-35 will lead to overdrying with hay smell

60-65 with proper ventilation will prevent mold, also if you're laying it on some cupboard make sure to flip them buds every few hours.

The reason of grass/hay is due to the presence of chlorophyll breaking down .
It should be normal for drying phase, that's why with RH 60-65 after a week the smell will reduce.

Once cured the smell will return back
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