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drying in dark or light

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Hey guys,

I have seen difference of opinion on whether or not to dry and cure buds in the dark or light, I haven't really been able to come to a consensus on it, I personally dried and cured in a dark room but was wondering what everyone's thoughts were.
Mine are in my flower room with my plants that are growing, I built a cabinet with drying racks were my intake ventilation comes in so I get nice air movement around my racks before going into my room and exhausted out. I just used a black foam to block light I can't see threw it but the air still flows threw it. You need to watch temps and humidity too, I leave mine on the racks for like 5 days then toss into a paper sack stir up 2 times a day for another 5 then put into jars and burp once a day for a few weeks. Don't want no moldy bud buddy I had some onetime I thought was dry enough to go into my safe came back a few days later for a few buds and was crap molded on me. nothing worst than looking at a ounce of garbage. Hope this helps ya
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Yea it does man thank you, the reason I ask is that I'm growing in a different space where space is limited and was just curious about light penetrating the drying buds. Like I sad I have always dried in the dark but never really knew why or just forgot why.
You could always build yourself a cabinet and dry elsewhere too. Like me this next time I'm expanding things well i came across a stand up freezer I was gonna use it for a veg cabinet. But thought why not take 2 PC fans and put racks in it plenty of air flow and dark sealed and have a lock on it. Thats a lot of room for bud to dry in there no just gotta fill it up :3::3: You can build them out of anything bro I think I've seen guys build them out of cardboard boxes on here. Depending on where your located this is a real simple one if you hang dry climb up and hang them in your attic if you live in a house
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I like that freezer idea, that's a good one. I do have one right now that is broken down lol was just going to take it to the dump, found its purpose. Thanks man!