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Drying in giant kier box?


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Considering taking an old cedar hutch to use as a drying box. With multiple layers of screens and 2 computer fans, one at top and one at bottom for air flow. I think the wooden box would help pull out the moisture and create a decent air flow and a good dark place. Is there any forseen disadvantages to this vs a hanging basket style?


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You could line the inside of the box with the black side of the panda plastic facing the buds which would help prevent the smell seeping into your bud and the cedar on the outside would keep insects from inspecting your drying bud.


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You can dry it in anything. Just make sure it's dark with proper air flow. As someone above said, you may get some smell from the wood.

IN Jamaica they just dry it outside in a make shift three sided hut. Don't stress out too much. Just make sure it's dark (unlike they do in Jamaica), and has good airflow so you don't get mold.
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