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Drying out dense nugs?


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ok i just got done trimming some fire purple kush all the nugs are super dense and i tried drying 1 out a week ago and it somehow got mold someone told me its cuz the nugs are so dense. so what would be a good way to dry so i dnt get mildew i curently hang my nugs in a dark cool closet with a little air flow what should i do diffrent


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i just looked up water curing it looks like it makes the bud kinda ugly my buds dnt have mildew i just dnt want them to get mildew well drying out
is there another way of airdrying for dense nugs? thanx for the help


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lower humidity and higher airflow are my first thoughts.

If they are hanging in a dark closet, how often is the air changing in the space? If you are just recirculating the same air, it won't dry as fast. You need to get the moist air out and drier air in. You may want to get a damp-rid bag or something similar to reduce the humidity in the closet as well. (do you know what the temp and humidity of your dry space is)
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