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Drying Process


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Ok so i search all over the site and i keep finding conflicting opinions on alot of things so i'm just going to ask my own questions. I want to hang dry in a cardboard box for starters. Can i hang the whole plant after cutting off the giant fan leaves, or do i have to cut off and hang each branch individually?
Then how should i manage the top of the box, should i have it barely open and just slide it open a bit more every day until it's dried right? I'm planning on having a small fan blowing across the top of the box moving air a bit.
Lastly i hear alot about putting them in paper bags. Some people say it takes on the taste of the bags, some say it suffocates them or dries to slow and molds the bud. But i also see alot of people talk about bag drying bud like everyone already does, or should be doing it. So should you do it, when do you put them in, how much do you close the bag, and how long do you keep them in a bag for? Alot of mystery around bagging weed for me


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You can hang the whole plants and dry them that way, a lot of people do. I find that its harder to trim them when the leaves have dried. You can put them in a box or a bag as long as the top is left open so that they can breath. You can use a fan but usually there's enough air circulating that you shouldn't need a fan.


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I also believe in trimming when fresh and just drying manicured buds. Why let all the leftover nutes in the plants seep into the buds from the leaves?
The bag is ok... or box... you just want them to dry thouroughly and unifomly/evenly, while aoiding staleness that can lead to mold. Rotate geltly to get even dry. Then cure..... then smoke! :)



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I normally hang them from the metal clothes hanger and put it in the closet with a fan at the bottom on low. Must manicured the buds prior to this, it will save you a lot of head ache and time later. Also, air moves around the buds better when they are trimmed. Have them there until they are crispy on the outside, then jar it up and open the jar, let it breathe them a few times a day, and reduce it to once a day as they get drier.


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Couple new questions come up. I've read to hang them until you hear the stems snap. When i bend the stem in snaps a couple times but doesn't snap in half right away. Should i wait a bit longer or is that dry enough to move on. Then from hanging should i put them in bags for a bit or a jar? The last thing i read is when you put buds in a jar to cure, you want to fill the jar so theres as little air as possible. So what do i do with a jar thats only 3/4 filled. Should i put a cotton ball or something in it to take up more space or just leave it 3/4 full?


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im harvesting now. and am using an A/C unit to controll the humidity and temp.
also a ceiling fan. im trying to dry an ounce which is 4 times its size. i need more dry space.
since this was my last grow i grew outside, and wow what a way to go out.
im also very grateful for the people at 420 who told me how to grow 2 years ago, and after my injury.
thank you. sully
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