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Drying Question


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I am growing my plants outdoors and can't dry inside. I feel that my best option is to use a food dehydrator because oven will make my house reek of weed and hanging them upside down will get mold instantly because im in MI and it's quite humid come summer.

What should I do?


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I'm trying a dehydrator on a side branch now. 12 grams wet, 60-70% amber tryches/red hairs and large swollen calyxes.

Have access to a big freezer for about a week? Freeze dry them puppies with a bunch of dry ice and Styrofoam coolers.

There's a URL on here on how to do it, but basically, it boils down to, you're freeze drying the pot. There's not real advantage to this cure I'm told other then, you can FREEZE YOUR POT WITH NO LASTING HARMFUL EFFECTS PRESERVING ALL POTENCY.. ROFL. Yea, i can't wait to try it too.

BTW I'm trying a dehydrator with a little side bud that was ripened before the crown on mine (she revegged for a few days from a light leak or something and all the calyxes exploded with hairs again and lengthed by about an inch.. I ain't bitchin.. Much.)
So I have quite a few side branches that didn't stretch at all and are now about 60% amber tryches and the calyxes are swollen and fat. O_O

I am going to have to trim the side branches atleast a week or two before the rest of the top is going to finish.


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Well I stuck the side cola in in the dehydrator at 12 grams trimmed.
Brought it out 2 hours later at 5 grams, and put it in the dark room at 40%RH ~ 72F ambient air temp, for another 10 hours to 4 grams, and tested a bit..

Not very harsh, but not completely dry yet, but a very energetic buzz. The smell is very citrus-like. I imagine it'll be between 3 and 1.5 grams dry. It's from the side cola and was mostly lit with a CFL and the side illumination from the 150W HPS. The end tips are fairly dense, but lower down the cola, it's very fluffy. I had two people look at it and guess 6 grams dry, but that's well wishing. Either way it's a very good smoke, full of trys and a very upper speed-like buzz. I can't wait to see what it's like with a few weeks cure on it. The massive colas at the top, should fill back in with trichromes as lovely as the calyxes beneath the new hairs have.

Makes me wonder if you could trigger regrowth with light poisoning/hormones and cause a plant to pump back up, for a two way harvest of fresh upper calyxes, and down low amber trichromes for some monster medicinal.
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