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Drying smell reduction: Air Purifiers, yes or no?


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Hey all,
Am currently about 4 weeks away from first harvest ever and getting a little keen.
I am intending on using a herb net in my loft which should provide the cool & gentle airflow to dry the buds for a week or two before i cure.

While I have every confidence the smell won't permeat into the main living space below, my missus doesn't share that confidence.
She's suggested an air purifier which uses activated carbon (or "same stuff in that big tube in your fort) inside a small peice of furniture with a pc fan or similar installed for fresh air.

Would that actually work and is tge quality likely to be diminished?

Amz/eby do them for about 30 quid or so, up but I'd like to know if i'm throwing money and effort away on a crap idea..

Any help or experience welcome.



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Carbon filters do not diminish the quality of your bud in any way. It just filters out the odor. And yes, they do work very well.
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