DSX Super Critical Indoor SCRoG - 2013


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Hey guys , decided I'll post and log my journal here this indoor grow.
Lets get this started.

Super Critical ( Feminized )
Big Bud x Skunk x White Widow :439:

Sea soil
Blood and Bone Meal

Growing Style

600w HPS/MH
I broke my MH light bulb so rolling with HPS through veg, shouldn't be too much of a difference. :)

Nutrient Line
Fox Farm
Big Bloom
Grow Big
Tiger Bloom


So I have germinated with 100% success rate and planted tonight so seems a perfect time to fire up the journal. Running 100% HPS through veg and flower. Currently have the 600w on 75% settings since it is getting too hot in my space, awaiting air cooled hood and proper ventilation fan. I still need to clean up a few fan wires I wired up from PC Fans until new fan arrives. Sorry for the one random pot, since I had 100% germination I had to scrounge up 2 more ... never let a good one go :)

The screen will enter when the plants are 6-8 inches tall so we can start training. First SCRoG so bare with me.

Always enjoy input, thanks guys looking forward to the journal! :420:

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Welcome to the big green growing machine that is 420. So great to see you journaling your grow! You will have plenty of fun on here, not to mention the huge wealth of knowledge available from some of the warmest and most genuine people. Your set up looks great, doesn't look like you need any input at mo so keep it green my friend. Just holla if you need anything!


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Thanks guys!

Looking forward to the delicious flowers I will receive for my efforts :) Going to veg for 50 days or so before flipping to flower, just to make sure I have a healthy amount of colas out of the screen :)


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Not even 24 hours later and these babies are breathing life!

Two more weeks and these bad girls are getting bent over!! :thumb:

Thanks for keeping interested and droppin in for a look! Keep it green!




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Thanks boss!!

Looking forward, will add some more pics in a few days when progress has been made


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Day 5 Update
So today, I have an issue with my lighting system. I am getting zero light to my bulb, just a minor shot of electricity you can see trying to fire the bulb. I am assuming bad bulb, hydrostore is out until friday so I have to resort to an old friend who has a 400w of mine both MH HPS bulbs, if neither bulbs work I will be returning my ballast for a new one and running with my old 400w MH HPS magnetic until the new ballast arrives.

Atleast I have a backup! For now, pictures with no light -- Light will resume tonight if all goes accordingly.

Feeling terrible for my girls who have no light!!! GAH!!

Last pic is of my runt, my runt will be going to a friend who is in need. Hope you enjoy!



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I had a friend drop off a 400w MH Bulb so I can finish off veg with the MH and replace with new HPS bulb come flower.
Probably going to pick up an extra ballast to be on the safe side once I hit flower.

Question : If I run my ballast at 100% with 400w bulb is it running 100% of the bulbs capacity ( 400 watts? ) or is it trying to push 600 through it. Been running @ 100% for 12-14 hours so I would assume 100% means 100% of capacity being 400 watts.



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Great you have a back up light buddy. good going and well done for sharing the love and helping another out with your runt lol

Thanks! All about the karma bro.

Deciding on which inline fan I should get to cool the 600w hps in flower.

Added some ducting today plus cleaned up some wiring in anticipation of cool tube being built tomorrow or on the 18th. OCD kicked in and had to have everything looking nice. Sorry about the tacky water jug lol



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Everything is looking great so far!


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:popcorn: Yeah I don't think I can follow your journal unless you do something about that water jug..... Just kidding. :)
Plants are looking good, and the setup looks great.
Keep it up.;)


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:popcorn: Yeah I don't think I can follow your journal unless you do something about that water jug..... Just kidding. :)
Plants are looking good, and the setup looks great.
Keep it up.;)

Yea, damn teal/green water jug! I told the gf I need a more manly watering jug , good luck right? LOL.

a bulb must be matched to the ballasts capacity, a ballast does not sense the wattage of the bulb.

So you're saying running my ballast at 100% is trying to run my bulb @ 600w?

I'd be better off running @ 75 I would assume or even 50 -- My replacement bulb is shipped out via priority mail and should be here in the next 3-5 days, hopefully it's just the HPS bulb that was bad and not the ballast!

If not I'm pretty lucky I got a back up until I receive a new ballast.


Everything is looking great so far!

Thanks boss, glad to have ya! :thumb:

Another note, adding the cooltube tonight providing I get my pyrex bake a round tonight!! I'm a big fan of Do it your self ;]

Thanks guys for dropping in!!


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Day 8

New growth has begun, look like they are loving the sea soil thus far. I love the light green new growth coming from them. Some leaves are almost like ... twisting ... or something, I would assume it's from the temps being 85-90 since I have no cool-tube yet and I need to find me a new pyrex bake-a-round glass since I broke the one I got ... Walking up the stairs and tripped, kersmash! Was an oh shit moment for sure, other than that everything is going stellar!.



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Subbed. Looks nice and tidy :goodjob:

And I'm partial to anything green, water jugs included :smokin:

Glad to have ya! haha yea yea water jug ;)

Anyway, on my order list is the following :

4" Inline IPower 175cfm fan
4" IPower Carbon filter
3gal bags for potting.

I am changing pot sizes from my 1 gallon pots because I wont be able to get what I want out of this grow if they don't have a lot of room for them roots! Bigger pots = bigger pot ;)

Anyway, these are the bags I am ordering, never done a grow with bags but have always been interested.


Thanks everyone!!

Should I be worried or monitoring the leafs that are twisting a bit or not and they will dis-appear when cool tube is added?
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