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DT’s Quadlining Story


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What up everybody. I have had 3-4 successful harvest’s since January 2019. I’ve tried Autoflower’s but I don’t like them very much. I have only been growing blue dream and black indica besides the autoflowers I tried, so I have gotten to know how these strains grow.

for my first 3 or four plants I only topped them and let them go from there. This last two plants I grew I QUADLINED them and got literally two, maybe three times as much bud as I got off of the plants that were only topped a couple times.

I am starting this journal to show in detail how I did this and how huge of an increase in yields I got from doing this.
I literally got over 1/2 pound of dried and cured good good buds. After I smoked all the little stuff.
seriously QUADLINING is amazing andeveryone should do it.
I even broke off one of the four main branches of my blue dream so there were only three main branches and still harvested Godly amounts of cannabis.

for people who don’t already know, you never need to buy weed again if you
im gonna show you in this journal how to have enoughweed to last till next harvest.

this is les than half of what I got last grow. The pictures I have don’t really do it justice the quantity. My tents only a 2x4



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:popcorn: subbed in sounds like a great read already.


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Quadlining made the difference between me running out halfway through the next grow and it lasting me long enough to grow another crop.
we have been preparing to move so I did not replant yet after my last harvest which was over three months ago now.
still cheifin :ganjamon:

yep so that’s why I’m only just now preparing my next grow. Gotta get some new seeds and switch things up.



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go old school,, o.g. kush. my fav these days


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Ya I agree with Nivek if you want some strong weed go with an og kush ( Skywalker, Obiwan ) really any og strain or like Nivek said the original.

If looking for a strong sativa high look at a Jack Herer strain. Also look into C99 really good also. Rare to find as new strain is called Vision.

Or if you don't wanna be able to move after try Cement Shoes.


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Nice picks :popcorn:


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Got the seeds today. I put a 1 gram cart next to them to show the size of the tins. They're smaller than I thought. Lol
So far I have had good experiences with the banks I've ordered from. I suspect dr seeds' seeds will be what they're labelled to be.
Great service and prompt shipping.

Can't wait to crack these bitches lol


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Just a side note, always add extra labels on seed packaging immediately so there is less chance of mixing them up. I wish I had labeled the little vials the seeds are in inside of the tins.

Today I cleaned my tent and filled up three 5 gallon cloth pots.
Put jacky girl, wedding cake, and LSD into cups of filtered spring water.

Cleaned cups by hand just to make sure there would be no contamination.

This water has a ph of 7.2, I leave it there and have 100% germination success.


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So I've got my seeds soaking and my heating pad ready.

I will let these soak for 24 hours and put them into a damp, unbleached paper towel inside a 1 gallon ziploc bag. I will then put the bag on my heating pad hopefully keeping them around 80°F. This is what I have right now.

Oh yeah, I'm going for three quadlined monster plants in a 2×4×5 and hoping for a pound dried and cured! If that's possible. People with 4x4's can easily pull a pound. Is it possible in a 2x4?
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I've gotten around 3/4 of a pound in my 2x4.. I think maybe @Old Salt has got right around the pound.... Has a lot to do with strain. What kind of light are you using?

It was 15-1/2 oz, or 440gms from two plants in the 2' x 4' x 7' tent. The strains were Candida(CD-1), and Seedsman's Cream & Cheese CBD. Nutrients were General Hydroponics' Flora Trio and supplements. The light was an eight COB DIY array.

One of these days I'll break that one pound mark. :3:


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I've gotten around 3/4 of a pound in my 2x4.. I think maybe @Old Salt has got right around the pound.... Has a lot to do with strain. What kind of light are you using?
Im using two mars hydro eco 600 watt blurples right now, I’m looking at the HLG quantum boards. I’ll probably be able to upgrade for when these flower.
LSD looks like a heavy yeilder.

Seeds had tap roots so I dropped them in the soil tonight. I hope they landed tap root down in the 1” deep holes I put them in.
I will keep the soil moist by routinely spraying the top soil with filtered spring water. Ph 7.2 I just spray the top of the dirt with a spray bottle, the dirt underneath stays pretty moist and watering too much will kill them.

pardon the blurple. Lol


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Wow I apologize everybody, I might smoke too much. But I just realized that I got gorilla alien instead of wedding cake. My bad.
So it’s LSD, Gorilla Alien, and Jacky Girl.
from this point forward. Haha.

Today two of my seedlings sprouted, one shed its shell and the other is working on it. I expect the third to appear tomorrow some time. They are still very tiny but they’re there. Check’em out!


These seeds came right alive after soaking and only one day in a paper towel, in a ziplock! Then they broke surface two days in the dirt! I’m pleasantly surprised how aggressively these are taking off. So far so good!
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