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Hello everybody,

My first thread here at 420. I hope I dont totally violate the guidelines.

I've been using Doc Bud's Kit for over a year now and I thought this might be a good time to post.
I have been paying attention to what Doc has been saying about Landrace strains doing better with the Kit.

So I got some Skunk#1, (I had been growing TGA strains) and I was really pleased with the results, not just the smoke, but the fact that the plant stayed green throughout the flowering and did not need additional Epson Salts spray or the OG the Doc offers.
(I have not used Doc's OG yet, and I wanted to wait until I saw the results form other strains with the Kit)

So, being convinced that Doc is right, and seeing the results with Skunk#1, I was talking to some guys I met that run a seed business.
I shared with them some Jack The Ripper, one version grown with Root Organics and cured for a year, and a JTR that was grown with Doc Buds Brix and was cured for 4 months.
The JTR with Roots was a nice smooth smoke, but the JTR with Doc's Brix was, as Doc says, like smoking Air.
As smooth as it can get.

So we started talking about /what if there was/ a seed producer that grew seeds in Brix for Brix customers.

And that led to me trying two of their strains.
A Super Silver Haze and a Blackberry Diesel.
The SSH, while not a true Landrace is an earlier cross, and the BBD is a recent cross, and im guessing is probably a Salty.

So that will be the concentration of this thread, the results of SSH and BBD in BRIX.
Of the seeds I popped I got one female of each. Ouch. That is not a good start.

Seeds by Elev 8
Well, that was a Big disappointment.

They both Hermed on me.
And were Ceremoniously Executed at sunrise.

Will try again later with something else.

Thread closed.
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

We are sorry for your loss.

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