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Duct Tape Drying


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Hey, im on my first grow and im about to cut my stems. i was wondering if i could use duct tape and tape my stems to the closet bar so they can hang upside down and dry?

or does anyone else have a fast easy way to hang upside down in a closet?


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Umm just thinking here.. but any wire or twine or cord or whatever.. just get them hung!

I really dont think the medium makes any diff..


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Blizeek> I used to make Duct tape for a company up north and would never use it around your buds. The chems. that goes into making the tape are very bad for you, and can off-gas into your buds. I use fishing line and cut a small hole in the main cola and tie them up after a good trim. Use products that don't off gas.

Flipper :high-five:
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