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Ducting for Indoor Central AC Help!


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Ok so again I am a brand new member to 420 and a First time grower. I'm learning so much and i am absolutely in love with the entire processes that I'm going through on this grow journey.

SO I live in a 2 bedroom duplex that had a back patio, but this was closed in and made into a 3rd room. It has tiling now and 1 central AC unit in the ceiling. However there is not a AC Grill cover and there are not Take offs to plug into.

I am wanting to take my Non insulated 6 inch duct and somehow run it to my AC unit on the ceiling to create more air flow?? This particular ceiling unit does not have a great good Flow, its got a weak flow so just a FYI.

Now, Im not certain if this idea is going to the the best way to provide great Air flow, but because of the size of the room and it having a window in the back this room gets the hottest in the entire house, thus i need to Duct off the unit.

I am going to provide pictures to help you all help me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and respond.

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