Duggan Does ACE's Neville's Haze X Panama & Their Zamedelica X Panama

Great day to y'al. So pleased to finally get this new journal started. Please refer to any of my previous journals for a description of my setup. Just don't think it's necessary to always repeat the same info.
I want to take a min. to thank all of you for your support over the years and to thank you for your patience with me when i get emotional or 'loud' u could say. Thank you all for that.. :circle-of-love:
I'm going to give a very loud shout out to our Doc Bud for his continued work and support for all of us using his 'kit'. Without him and his work/research/patience/ and support , there would be a lot of very frustrated growers out there...thank u so much Doc.....:headbanger:

Ok , so on to this next crop. A sativa grow of very high order. These next four plants are all from ACE (tester strains) above ground and appear to now be in the 'safe' zone , despite the last Zam X Pan just showing her SLOW self today. Too bad both emergency second choice strains have split today as well. Oh well, perhaps i should have been a lil more patient waiting for that last Zam X Pan to emerge.
My seeds always get started in #1's , then when ready two each go into my custom 26 gal. 'Rootbuilder' pots. This crop is also 5th run , slightly modified DBHBB soil. They will be under , just the Budmaster for the first month or so , then when size dictates , the others will get turned on.

I'm expecting to really be busy this grow and look forward to this challenge. It will keep me sharp for our talked about Neville's Haze grow this fall.

I will continue mentoring any , and all new DBHBB 'kit' users who ask for it. It helps keep me stay sharp as well as , i get a chance to make lives easier for newer growers and provide them with practical knowledge they can use right away to achieve great 'first' grows without the hardship and disappointment commonly associated with 'first' grows.
Anyhow , time for my first set of pics...watch out ..these pics have a lot of 'green' in them..lmfao.....:rofl:

It's alive! :headbanger:
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