Duggan Does Bubba Hash & DP's: Lemon Zkittles

Gonna do this all again....cheers everyone. Last journal with the A5 combos was a success and i was happy to share it with ya'l.
This next grow has the award winning 'Lemon Zkittles ' hybrid from Dutch Passion , along with ACE's Bubba Hash. Most of you have heard and seen great things about the BH , but i have yet to see for myself. High hopes for it as well with the LZ.
My GR remains the same as far as equipment . Plans for an added window shaker are in the works and is on the list.
I took a pic of my lighting array for peeps to get a look at wat i'm working with. Ya'l know how i feel about Doc, and his work with the 'kit'. Simply put, he has made this hobbie of ours , a very rewarding and satisfying venture. Repeatable success, grow after grow.
This present crop is in 4th run soil and i expect another two pound ,..min. harvest.
Bubba Hash will be placed in the 'rear', Lemon Zkittles , up front , cuz of her Sativa dominant demands, i might need to care for her much more than the 'gang familiar BH.
I wanna welcome all the peeps that continue to sub my journals and participate along the way. Your support and friendship is extremely needed....:cheesygrinsmiley: and appreciated.
Any veterans or peeps with great stories to tell are encouraged to share and will be welcomed with open arms, respect and my cooler...:high-five:
This is a place where 'political correctness is NOT required. :blunt:
A few pics of the next four.

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