Duggan Does Green Crack In DBHBB: One Kit, Two Pots, 4 Plants & Loads Of LEDs!

Hello everyone ! It's about time i got this next journal on the go! I'm doing another cuz of the support i continue to get from all my 420 brothas ......and sistas!:thumb: My last grow with the Lily and two Laniakea's turned out very well with my new light added to the mix. This next one will be in first run "kit" soil ...time to get two new kits in the rotation again! i just want to thank everyone who tagged along for the ride last grow and i'l try and do good this time too! it was a lot of fun having ya's all come round to visit and it means the world to me....without yous all , it simply wouldn't happen.
I also want to thank our very own Doc Bud for his never ending help and support , not only to new members but for us who've been around a while. We have cultivated a special place here on the "mag' and i'm very proud to be a small part of it! Thanks again , and hope to see ya's again for this Green Crack grow. Lets just see how good this strain is eh gang! cheers to ya's all!:circle-of-love::cheer::Namaste:

grow medium.....DBHBB
pot sizes and quantity....two , 26 Gal. homemade "Rootbuilder" pots
homemade "beercap" aluminum trays sitting on HD , plant trollies
lighting....one Budmaster 2 675XG, one Advanced XTE 400 , two Dorm Grow 90W all red UFO's, two , 240W Dorm Grow "all bloom".
ventilation...Can #33 carbon filter W/Osberg , 6" inline fan, one 12" oscillating fan at back, one 6" oscillating fan for canopy air flow
GR is 42" wide X 7, 1/2 feet tall x about 6 ' long
Strain/s...Green Crack fems, four of them
Water source....bottled distilled
Photoperiods.....16/8 Veg,...12/12 Bloom ...to 11/13...to 10/14 near finish!
Nutes...NONE...using the "kit"
Pests...never a one since switching to Doc's gear!
PH....don't even think about it!
Temps....70F lights off....80F lights on!

I should mention again that i only run my exhaust fan/filter combo at between 70-80% to prolong life of filter and fan motor...lots of other benefits from this too!
Right now they are under my 4 foot T-8 flour. fixture until GR becomes available.
I hope to get a good group behind me this time ...as always....cheers all my friends ...here goes!:thumb::thumb:

Gonna start off with a few pics of the little ones . Have an awesome night everyone!:circle-of-love::Namaste:

Re: Duggan does Green Crack in DBHBB, one "kit", two pots, 4 plants and loads of LED'

I'm with yah Dugg, looking forward to another great grow. All the best:Namaste:
Re: Duggan does Green Crack in DBHBB, one "kit", two pots, 4 plants and loads of LED'

1st! Gonna go back and read now, ha.
Ween, top of the day to ya ! Welcome aboard brotha! Lets see how these GC's. like Doc's dirt eh. Cheers bud!:volcano-smiley:

Ya mon! Figured i'de see if i could make some tasty weed outta these GC's. So far my fav. is still MK Ultra! It had the great taste like the Kosher Kush but not as heavy hitting! Anyhow , welcome aboard ...my best desert dwelling friend!:Namaste:

I'd like to watch! :byebye:
Yes , Fuzz pull up a chair , welcome to this (sounds evil) Green Crack grow. Man , really, the name....what about the name....why! Anyhow , enjoy yourself around here Fuzz...good to have you along.:high-five:

I'll be here for the ride on this one! Sounds exciting :)

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Hey Budz, welcome, i dunno ya , but grab a chair , help yourself to a Stella , chat it up a bit with this group...Pretty awesome selection of people...more comin too i suspect...more brothas!:circle-of-love:
Re: Duggan does Green Crack in DBHBB, one "kit", two pots, 4 plants and loads of LED'

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