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Dutch Master Reverse Hydroponics Feminizer (?)

Sonny Cheeba

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I did a search and didn't see this around so I thought I would post and see if anybody is familiar wit this product.

Here's the description:

Are you tired of feeling out of control when unwanted flower types appear and threaten to ruin your crop? Take back control now with REVERSE! The amazing, technically advanced weapon of mass unwanted flower destruction of Dutch Master!

* REVERSE prevents and stops unwanted flower type production dead in its tracks! Through our study and specialized use of unique plant fats called "Phospholipids", Dutch Master is now able to end to your unwanted flower problems- Once and For All!
* Fast and effective knockdown of existing unwanted flowers! Does your heart stop when you see an unwanted flower type in your garden? Think of all the lost time and effort you can save with the incredibly fast knockdown action of REVERSE. Dutch Master's technical engineering ensures fast, effective knockdown of those troublesome flowers, usually within 24 to 48 hours!
* For use on cucurbits and dual sexed plants! REVERSE is your frontline weapon for the prevention of unwanted flowers in dual sexed plants. The unique engineering contained within REVERSE can, in most cases, prevent dual sexed traits from ever appearing! This saves you time and money when dealing with dual sex sensitive crops such as Cucurbits!
* Increases female flower formation! Dutch Master! REVERSE is a powerful tool for increasing the set of female flowers in your garden. Our unique "Phospholipids" technology not only stops unwanted flowers dead but also dramatically increases the number and set of female flowers. So put an end to all of your unwanted flower worries and get back in control with REVERSE! Part of the "Clinically Proven" program of the Dutch Master foliar sprays!


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I've used it on plants that I think had genetics that caused hermieing - one breeder's strains hermied while other strains grown side by side did not.

In my case it would slow down banana production for 2 or 3 days, then they'd grow back in force. Reverse may work better on plants hermied from stress rather than genetics, in the latter case there's probably nothing to do except get the tweezers out and save your grow one banana at a time.


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I have a lemon diesel clone only mother I grew from a clone I got at a dispensary( bought about 4 clones at the time and they ARE THE FIRE! A cross between a diesel and a very special skunk #1 from what I have heard. Used one plant to use as a mother and flowered out the rest. The mother I have been growing for 4 months and got her big enough to get plenty of clones out of her. Now I am using my cloner/propagator to create about 6 clones from the mother. They are just starting to grow roots. I put 1 of my LD clones into flowering room and I have been vegging for about a month and a 1/2. I cannot buy lemon diesel except autoflower variety anywhere online and I want to REVERSE the sex of at least some of the buds to get female pollen and get feminized LEMON DIESEL SEEDS. From these feminized seeds I would grow them out and pollinate with a male lemon skunk or a Chem Dawg x OG #4 male. I bought a product called "DUTCH MASTER" REVERSE. The directions are very vague and appear to have been written by someone who's English is a second or third language. The directions are as follows: " REVERSE:

1. Pour Required amount into spray bottle.

2. Add Penetrator (wetting agent?)

3. Spray leaves until runoff occurs. Repeat in 10 days.


If this product does not work I will make some collidal silver and go from there. Right now I have about 25 clones in my propagator. Violator Kush, Lemon Diesel, Purple Urkle, Warlock, and just bought about 10 clones from the dispensary. Chem Dawg #4, Trainwreck X Urkle, Hindu Kush (fast growing strain) Grand Daddy Purple, AK-47, AK-48, and BD GOD BUD.


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After following the vague directions of the bottle and the hydroponics shop owner I sprayed some of the DUTCH GROW REVERSE on a few early early bud sites in the hopes of reversing these to male flowers. The results were horrifying. Everywhere I sprayed killed the leaves and foliage. Effectively killing any area sprayed. Luckily I only sprayed 2 or 3 choice branches and left the rest alone. I am spending 40 dollars tomorrow to buy a .999 silver coin, cutting it in half and making collioidal silver. I have had it up to my eyeballs in expensive snake oil crap sold at hydroponics shops!


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Dutch master reverse is only to prevent hermies, it will not cause a female plant to grow male flowers, as I said it's only to prevent male flowers growing on female plants due to stresses etc.... However I do agree about the directions being vague, but I do not have much experience in the way of breeding but from what I have read about acquiring feminized seeds creating hermies by some stressing or even with hermies caused by poor genetics, you don't want any part of those because that genetic trait is going to follow down the line of offspring. The only way to get true stable feminized seeds is with the silver trick you mentioned above or by using gibberelic (spelling) acid and use stable genetics to do this, this way you aren't waisting your time. If you end up with a strain that hermies for any reason you can be fairly sure there will be more in the genetic succession of a plant that hermies or clones from one that hermies. These seed companies are laying down 20,000 seeds at a time looking for stable traits. Regular Joe doesn't have to do that but starting with good genes is a must along with ideal conditions.
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