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dutch passion snow buds


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Here are my two snow buds growing. Posted my first question and pics in general foroum but was all over the place.


I have flourescent bulbs on them now and wonder if i can flower with my same set up.

I havent used any nutrients and planted in black earth.

My issue is i am trying to do this all free. Except for my seeds.

I let them out in the sun every once in awhile.

Jist wondering how they look .....
have 6 baby boom and 6 big bang i wish to scrog with in my grow cabimet.

Sjould i just get the new ones ready and flower these two?



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You'll probably want to get them in bigger buckets. Those buckets look small, but it could be the camera. What kinds lights you flowering with? T5 or CFL? You'll need a bunch of them to properly flower and get a respectable yield, but not sure how well they'll do with no nutes. Maybe half an ounce per plant, and that's if everything goes perfectly. If you're in northern hemisphere I would leave them outside during day and bring them in to a room with darkness and no light leaks


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Ya lights are on there way. No head shops to speakof near me. Can you recomend the cheapest nute that actualy works thatbi cann order online
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