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Dutch Seeds Shop: Gelato, OG Kush, Banana Kush, Fire OG, Gorilla x Zkittlez


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This journal is for dutch seeds shop.I received these fine seeds from them few months back and here I am . The seeds ill be growing out for them will be Gelato , OG kush , Banana kush , Fire OG , Gorilla X zkittlez all seeds are fem. The grow area is inside a 5x5x7 tent lights used are a dimmable air cooled 1000watt mh/hps and 2 viparspectra 600watt leds. X1 18inch stand up fan .

Medium im using

The nutes ill be u using.

None feed days they get this.

I put the seeds in solo cups on 10-20-19 and this is them today.


I will be up dating pics and what ever pops up with these girls every few days. Feel free to ask any questions thanks. Oh and im excited to see what these seeds have to offer.


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Good luck with the New Grow!

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Up and running...sweet!
:yahoo: :love:


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Not much to update here . I just got back from the hydro store picked up a few new t5 bulbs for seedlings and a new 1000watt MH for when they are bigger. Ill start 2 harvest my girls in flower here starting sunday. For the next couple of weeks. After they are done ill disinfect the grow tent clean top to bottom then stick the seedling in there main 5gal. Fabric pots. The bannana kush has some weird growth going on.

Bannana kush

Group pic all other seedlings look fine far as growth .

New t5 bulbs for the baby

New 1000watt. MH

Group pic of girls coming down next few weeks




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Girls doing there thing..... Fire og starting to look better far as growth wise. Ill up pot them to there final 5gal fabric bag this weekend or next . Then at that point ill veg. Them in my. 4x4x2 mother tent with 4ft 4bulb t5 light for 2weeks.


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Healthy looking plants scrogster....on with the grow..... Havent seen a 1000w mh for years. Nice work.

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Nice roots!!
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