Plant of the Month: April 2016
well i'm back folks!!!

pardon the lack of caps or over use of punctuation. this aint a dadgummed English lesson here.

ok so on with the show. just gonna be simple start today.

here we are attempting to setup a perpetual harvest from auto fem seeds. specifically dutch treat auto. apparently im not allowed to say where they (actually???) come from.

but that's cool. they do come from mjseedscanada.com a very good seed bank from my experience thus far.

heres their copy as to description:

Dutch Treat Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Details

Dutch Treat Auto Flowering Feminized is a type of marijuana strain that produces a powerful citrus scent which is the reason why users will experience certain harshness with its smoke and with a taste similar to orange and eucalyptus.
Dutch Treat Auto Flowering is perfect in relieving the stress you have had from work. It relaxes your whole body with a warmth feeling until it eliminates the tension that your shoulders have gone through. This will surely keep you away from muscle pain suitable for people who are workaholic type that they can hardly find some time to pause for a while and rest.
This cannabis plant contains cannabinoids with high levels of THC, CBG, and CBD.
If you are searching for the best solution to alleviate your mood, Dutch Treat Auto Flowering can be considered an effective way for you to take hold of. With the fact that you can put your body into total relaxation, there would be no reason for you to get mad of or have a bad temper. It is usually faced with 20-30 strains.
It has dense and sticky buds with gold trichomes all over that can also create numbers of branches. It is known for its dark green stain and with big tops.
Users will surely notice that its smoke is quite thick compared to other cannabis plant that can irritate their throat sometimes. And because of this, it can cause people to cough even without burning Dutch Treat Auto Flowering.
You will feel energized when using Dutch Treat Auto Flowering that it seems you are always busy but never stressed out. It can be the best way to keep your body in action that you will no longer have to use energy drinks or other energizing products available in the market.
It will take 7 to 8 weeks before this cannabis plant produce flowers.
Dutch Treat Auto Flowering is also useful to fight depression, anxiety, migraine, arthritis, multiple Sclerosis, and gastrointestinal disorders. Patients who have tried using Dutch Treat Auto Flowering for their situations have experienced satisfying results.

and a wee bit more info:

Dutch Treat Auto Flowering
Feminized Strain Specifications
Type : Indica / Sativa Mix
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : ¼ to 1/2 lb. per plant
Height : Medium
Flowering : 8 Weeks
Stone : Cerebral; Long-Lasting
THC level : 21.61%
Grow : Moderate — Difficult

stage of growth: first seed got wet on april 25th planted on april 29th

indoors: 4x8 tent

lighting: mars II 1200 led with a light mover.

grow medium: soil. just good ol sunshine #4 is all we use no additives to the mix. pour it in and go.

size of pot: 2 gallon squares.

# of Plants: will be looking at 30 in the tent.

temp of tent: when I took pics it was at 76 degrees. that's about avg with the room air cond on.

rh of tent: 34% at pics time. again average.

feeding schedule: undecided yet. so far just water. likely in the next day or so the first 3 will get nutes.

how about some pics eh?

general tent view with mover and filter

fer shiggles n gits a light (apparently the schticker is comin loose lol.

the young'uns

the toddlers

the teenyboppers

well there it is!!

love it or hate it meh idc, we are all here for the same reason and it aint hate. :love:

more to come folks cya soon


Plant of the Month: April 2016
welcome aboard!!!

wow I guess I didn't put too much info in the first post lol.

I am planting a germed seed every second day. thus giving me 30 plants in roughly the finish time of the plant. as one comes out another goes in. that is why they go from tots to teens.

4 days to germ in total, then into soil.

thanks for looking.


Plant of the Month: April 2016
well with these pots I can fit 31 plus my tower fan in the corner. with 30 I can center the fan.


Plant of the Month: April 2016
1,2, and 3 got week 1 nutes this morning. pics when lights come on later.

having a bit of cool room stall with germing. moved em to a warmer but unfortunately brighter room. hopefully a dark enough spot tho.

anyone else have gooder idears on cool room issues for germing? keeping in mind we're talking about a roughly 5"x5" container with towel. so not very big. fridge is not an option. its summer now so no heat on except the tent. on top the tent, tried that last year, was dark enough but the exhaust from tent would dry it out in an hour or two.



Plant of the Month: April 2016
round n round she goes........

as I said 1,2,3 got week 1 nutes earlier today. those that needed water tonight got it. the cool room crap is pissing me off. it slows the seeds down bad. I did notice a big difference already today with a room change but I still don't think its optimal.

anyhoo on with the show eh....

overall shot after a rearrangement







weirdo dta7






well there ya go, the show must go on


Plant of the Month: April 2016
wow nothing yet eh. guess i'll just use this as my own personal log lol.

got a bit o the stink already when I open the tent for a few days now. 1,2, mebbe 3 are starting the show.

pulled a moron move and broke a root as I was planting 16, so it became 15 as a replacement for 13 (cool room issue). all are doing well otherwise. bloom nutes later this week for 1,2,3. week 1 veg for 4,5,6 at the same time.

photo update: bit of a mess, I didn't keep track of my pics, but u can get the jist of them lookin at em.















well there I go. now I can look at em anytime!!!


Plant of the Month: April 2016
well the girls are doing fine!!

on june 4th 1,2,3 got wk 1 bloom nutes, and 4,5,6 got wk 1 veg nutes.

#10 got day one of many shots of the homemade silver.

today, girls 1-10 got defoliated. 7,8,9 got topped.

still dealing with the fallout of the coolroom on some of the later seedlings/ slow comers. since the move tho, they are better. we'll see if any of the bad ones even come out of the soil.

pics pics pics. i will try to keep em sorta organized lol.

pre- defol pics...






#3 before n after defol


#1 before n after defol


#2 before n after defol. yes she is bigger than #1, #2 is the far back corner plant in the tent.

forgot to grab the after at the bench.

bit of an after shot of the bigger girls.

oooohhh and the gorilla visited me the other day!!

will see how this setup goes with dta. either will continue with it or choose a different strain.

enjoy the show everyone.
thanks for looking.


Plant of the Month: April 2016
yes ak they do, unfortunately not all of those are autos. tis ok, still may do a second tent for photos.

hey does anyone know anything about those amphetamine autos? supposedly 45 day turnover from seed. pretty sick if that's the case.

too early in the grow for there to be much of anything in those leaves, so they will be disposed of. once they start getting some sugar on them I would save em for butter likely.

love the smell of this dutch treat, its sweeter smelling than most I have grown.


Plant of the Month: April 2016
well well here we grow again. all is well up to this point.

on Monday,

1,2,3 got bloom wk 2 nutes.
4,5,6 got bloom wk 1 nutes.
7,8,9 got veg wk 1 nutes.

10 showed her first balls, on purpose with colloidal silver. she has a few more today.







go in today stuff is all fluffed up nice after last weeks defol.






now just hold on a freakin minute or 5 dagnabbit!!!
wtf is in that last picture?
far right side third in from the corner.
well fawk me freddy. we got a dadgummed imposter in there. almost think its a girls washroom in a school. lol (not judging just a joke)
now I don't review my pics as I take em, but I decided to do a defol today as some o them girls are getting a wee bit hefty.
and that's how I found that lil bugger.





mind is racing.....did I screw up? nope. silver was always applied outside the tent. those 2 plants were never beside each other after I started treating #10. annnd she is definitely a he. :rip:

so that all done and contended with, I finished me defol of the rest, and topped a nudder one too.




anyone have pointers on some dying after being planted? it has happened to a few now and its pissing me off. they are long, ie: 3/4" root with about 1 inch of stem, and nice cotlydon leaves. not stressed looking. I have tried bare, ive tried with a mini dome with air holes top n bottom. ive tried leavin them out of the tent for 12 hours or so. its not like its every one, but the odd one does it to me.

anyhoo thar she blows. that's this todays update.

have at er.

enjoy er or hate er, idc.

but thanks for peekin in on my girls.

they like the company.



New Member
wow nice looking setup, gonna be awesome when those buds start rolling in. for the dying seedlings I'm new to this too and not familiar with your soil but maybe it's not aerated enough and needs perlite or maybe roots are having trouble getting water and some water misted on it with an atomizer sprayer might help. the ones you got going look happy as hell though. :bravo:


Plant of the Month: April 2016
yo thanks demon.

yeah the ones going are going strong.

sunshine #4 is the mix I use. hmmmm this stuff is used tho, but as anyone can see its not affecting everyone. I was thinking too wet? but idunno. it's kinda like the expectant parent eh, especially when there are issues. you tend to watch em too much then and dote over them.

wow nice looking setup, gonna be awesome when those buds start rolling in. for the dying seedlings I'm new to this too and not familiar with your soil but maybe it's not aerated enough and needs perlite or maybe roots are having trouble getting water and some water misted on it with an atomizer sprayer might help. the ones you got going look happy as hell though. :bravo:


Plant of the Month: April 2016
ok so heres a smallish update on #10 silver girl as shes come to be known.

this was done with homemade colloidal silver, which I wasn't 100% sure about, but seems to work a charm.

now I am a bit worried that it showed too soon, having found that one boy hiding in the forest.

idunno, I think I will try my luck with her pollen that she spurts out.

likely will move her out tomorrow, as 2 of the nanners are looking pretty ripe tonight.

nut porn!!! I know, not what we usually like to see here lol. but in this case its a good thing.










that's me update. the rest of the girls are doing fantastic after the defol. already filling out some.

oh wait. one more small update, I am trying to start my seedling in the same room where the paper towel tray is. its warm in there, gets tons of daylight, and It has a cfl in the ceiling fixture that I am leaving on 24 hours. yesterday was plant day and I can say after about 40 hours now, she looks pretty good. she's in a solo shot cup with drainage holes cut in the bottom edge.

ok I grabbed some pics of her, lol. you can see I even staked her up with a toothpick and a loose twist tie.





now the update is done, lol. :cheer:


Plant of the Month: April 2016
short update today.

the solo shot cups seem to be working a charm so far. first one went into the tent 2 days ago, she's looking great. second one is sunning herself in a window now for 2 days, she will go in the tent at lights on this evening.

silver girl is doing great, still in the tent under close observation. want to let her get as much good heavy light as possible, cause when I take her out she will likely be on either a sunshine diet or a cfl diet.

I have mentioned before that I am topping some or most of these girls. fimming some too. just wanna see how they grow out.

today, I decided to do some lst on 2 of the girls. 1 fim'd and 1 top'd. so we will see the difference as they come about.

so on with the show, not a full pic update today, but some of it.

lst 1 fim'd


lst 2 top'd


and just a couple of shots of the show today, nothing much.




there we go, like I said just a short update today.
thanks fer peekin!!
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