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DutchHazeDog's Reserva Privada OG #18 - 6.5L Pots- 400W Mars 2 LED - 185W True Useage


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Hey 420mag!

This mini-grow is mainly to 'preview' what the buds of a bigger grow (using the same genetics) will look like at harvest. Its my first time with LEDs after 18 months of hps. Reason for switch is purely in search for higher quality bud!

I recently purchased 3* 400w Mars 2 growlights from TOPLED and 1* 700w Mars 2.
I had 3 og #18 mother plants that had just been used for bout 15 cuttings each after having vegged (in a corner under weak light) for about two months. I trimmed off some of the lowest sites and put them into flower. After about 25-30 days of flower under a 400w hps (in the corner of the tent, so light wasn't too strong) I put them in a .36m2 tent under a 400w Mars 2 flower light. They took maybe 2-4 days before starting to put on growth again, I initially had some minor problems with overwatering as the soil stayed wet under LED so instead of watering every 2 days its more like 10 days currently!

It has been 15 days since i put them under the LEDs and the buds have started to put on weight and produce thc. All of the mommas had been topped a couple of days before the start of flowering to keep them from stretching (og #18 streched alot the first time i did her in nft) so all plants are pretty short with only a small canopy of buds, seems like they will give 10-15g each (I could fit about 6-9 of these in the .36m2 so 27 in a m2, if your into calculating yield).

Another 15-25 days and they should be done. As this grow is purely to checkout what quality the LEDs produce ill be adding microscope pictures of thc and a smell & smoke review at the end.


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Re: DutchHazeDog's Reserva Privada og #18, 6.5L pots, 400w Mars 2 LED (185w true usea

You sound more experienced than me i'm a noob grower, can you look at my pics and take a guess at whats wrong?


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Re: DutchHazeDog's Reserva Privada og #18, 6.5L pots, 400w Mars 2 LED (185w true usea

Yea man I just looked at the pic of your outdoor plant. Im pretty sure its just due to bad weather and because it was a small plant it was weaker and had a bit of a hard time coping with the rain of the past weeks. I live in the Netherlands and many different growers lost all their small outdoor plants due to the bad weather this season. The plants should recover after a day or two of good weather, you shouldn't have to worry too much.

If its the slightly weird shaped leaves your on about then no worries, it seems like they have mutated a bit but when flowering it'll just look like a normal female.

In the future if you want to take less risk with outdoor guerilla growing you can start the first month/6 weeks (strain dependent) indoors as follows:
--> The first 10-14 days under fluo likes with a spectrum of more or less 6500k with about 20-40 watt lighting should be just right for approx a 40*40cm area. Lights don't need a timer when seedling is starting, but I set to 18/6 a week after germination.
--> The weeks after that you can veg them under cfl lights (that way you don't need a ballast). A 150 watt cfl will have you covered.

This way the stems are sturdy by the time you got em outdoors so they have more chance beating the bad weather = less for you to worry about!

Good luck m8
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Re: DutchHazeDog's Reserva Privada og #18, 6.5L pots, 400w Mars 2 LED (185w true usea

I know the fan leaves show nute deficiencies but I was about to throw these away and grow new mothers in the tent they are currently in but realized I had enough space to keep them anyway. And the transplant to LED was new for me and I don't entirely know what went wrong maybe if was just a shock due to change of environment (from 18-27 to 18-22 celsius now for nice hard buds, and humidity from 60 to 25% so i added a little humidifier on a timer 15 on 105 off)



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Re: DutchHazeDog's Reserva Privada og #18, 6.5L pots, 400w Mars 2 LED (185w true usea

minor update:
Plants all doing well,
I flushed one of the three which already has mostly cloudy tricks. Going for a 10-15 days flush, 72h dark period then hanging full plants to dry slow.
I placed the 3 og #18 in a closet filled with cuts that came from these mommas :) the closet has just been put on 12/12 which is why i put the mommas in there right away. (I need the tent they were initially in for new mommas :p paradise seeds Delahaze and Rare Dankness Scotts OG & tangerine kush). Heres some pics:

David Bowman

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Re: DutchHazeDog's Reserva Privada OG #18 - 6.5L Pots- 400W Mars 2 LED - 185W True Us

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...lery-guide-how-resize-upload-post-photos.html

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.

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