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Dw hydro questions


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I put my clones in a cloning bucket I got one that's already regrowing at the top. Roots coming along nicely. However how much clay pebbles go underneath the plant when placing in a net pot? N how much water? to the end of the stem?

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Welcome @Amazingvitality

Not sure if I understand your questions or not.

When I do DWC, I place the seedling or in your case starter inside on top of the bottom of the net.

Then just place enough hydroton to keep it upright and straight.
As the plant grows and creates a larger stem you can start adding more until it's full.

When I do this I spray my ladies with a little water a couple times a day too establish a better root system.

Hope this helps.

Stay safe, and grow well my friend,

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edit: forgot water level. I keep my solution level about 1/2 below the pot, but this is me. Some may tell you a inch or two, but I don't like heavy core in my root system.

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Put a layer or two of hydroton in the bottom of the net pot might need a little more because you need to fill the rest of the net pot with hydroton to make sure there is no light leak coming through the net pot holes and hitting the water below, then you want the water about 1.5 to 2" below the net pot so water from the air stone is just a bit of water splashing the bottom of the net pot.


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My last grow was DWC. I started seeds in rockwool and transferred into hydroton. My solution started out at an inch above the bottom of the net pot. At this level I found I got enough capillary and wicking action from the hydroton to keep the young sprout happy. I let it drop naturally over the course of about a week. By this time my rockwool seedling had sent out roots to the bottom of the net pot. Once the roots were hanging down I lowered the level to about 2" below the net pot (making sure there were roots in the solution).
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