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DWC 4th week leaves w/orange spots Help!


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Ok so I just started week 4 from seed and a few days ago I noticed orange spots and before that I had 1 leaf tip that was curling down. I know this is a sign of some sort of deficiency but I'm not sure what to do... I'm using cornucopia X2 nutes and II've been on an 18/6 cycle... water temp 70s ppm registered at only 175 which I thought was really low. I changed my res every other week for the last 4 weeks. I'm thinking it's a total nute deficiency because the plant has used up everything in the res so far. I need help ASAP!!!!!!!! ORANGE seems to be spreading slowly also the tip of 2 of my leaves look like they're burning but it's orange/brown rather than yellow. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Doesn't look all that bad but I agree it's light nutrient burn, remember RDWC uses less nutrients I run a 47 gal system and never go over 600 ppms keep the EC @1.1 or so.good luck.
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