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DWC autoflower help needed!

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Hi this is my first time posting so if i do anything wrong be sure to correct me on the

The issue i have some autoflowers an been having some issues over the last week which i thought was nute burn but i cut the nutes by 50% an the problems still there my ppms are around 400 ive beeb using flora nova bloom advanced nutrients micro an cal mag extra with abit or epsom salts at first i started a 50% an now im down to 25% im doing dwc in 25l buckets ill add some photos

Can some one help me out with how to upload photos please
Also has anyone got any tips on how to get better photos


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Welcome! Tough to provide help without seeing photos. What about lighting?

Here is the link for how to upload photos:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

Don't get too close with the camera/phone. If possible, remove from under LED lights to get more normal coloring. Sometimes you can change the camera settings so the red/purple isn't so noticeable. Try to get something in the photo for perspective - a lighter, etc. Sometimes a 5 gal pot can look like a gallon in a photo. Can't hurt to get your hand in there to point out the issue or use some edit tools to note in the photo. Hope that helps :Namaste:
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So its not nute burn if so should i up the nutes back to 50% plus i have 2 600w hps in the should just have 1 i only put the other one in there a few days ago
(2) 600 might be too much at that state. I would only use one till they get bigger and can handle the extra intensity. How old are they? Excessive amount of certain nutes will cause a lockout of other nutes for example you might have a calmag deff, it could Caused by too much nitrogen or some other nutes instead of an insufficient amount. I hope that majes sense and helps. I'd do a rez change and use only a 1/4 (or less) of the recommended dose for new plants until they get adjusted.
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I done a complete change of water and on 1/4 nutes now an without looking at my notes i think there about 20 days old an ive turned one light off thts only been on last 4 days or so an i have raised the other one right up


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Those numbers sound good. It sure does look pale.

Do you have roots in the water?

Do you pour water out of the rez over it?

Is it in a Rockwhool cube?


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I always leave at least a 1" gap under my baskets and then move to at least 2" as it grows.

When mine are very small I will pour some water out of the bucket over them once a day until the roots hit the water to help them get started.

That is even more important if they are in RW because it flushes the stall water out of them.