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Ive got 4x4x6.6 tent for bloom and about 700 watts of led light from wall not advertised watts 6inch exhausted fan with carbon filter i think fan is like 550cfm

Then my veg tent is 4x8x6.6 with same 6 inch exhaust and carbon filter with about 500 watts of led light from wall

Ive got a few different lights but all are LED My bloom lights r ZNet lights from Amazon nothing special prob made in china but they do work very well ive used them a few times this will be my 3rd run ive sense bought more of these lights cuz of how cheap they were for the power draw i thought was better than the MARSHYDRO i do have a reflector 96series marshydro light i bought for 190 or something and at full power they dont get 200watts its like 180 so i got these znets and they draw 250 on the 9 and 320 on the 12 those #s r close guess i will do the measurements ect but its a educated guess i did measure b4 just not exactly sure but thats y i went with znet instead of mars or vipaspectra and they r well made even kno i havent seen 1 person besides me useibg them im happy with what they produce but i do want more!! Who doesnt? Im prob gona get a cmh 630de in the near future prob this summer so on 2 the plants!

At the moment in my bloom room i have 2x 91chemXbuford OG Thats the chemford and 2x the blueberryheadband im super excited for both of these strains to perform i dont have pictures of the bloom room this minuet they r on day 10 2day so not much to see they r all sitting under a scrog just waiting that stretch out b4 they start stacking

My veg room is a little more interesting ive got alot going on 4 just me to manage its a passion of mine i LOVE i will always take more beans ive got some tga seeds Querkle and jacks cleaner2 at the moment just popped maybe 2 weeks ago ive also got some bag seed cookiesncreamX acidburn i sprouted as an experimental grow they are about 4 weeks maybe doing very well also ive got a green crack reveg im gona chop up to make clones ive also got a buford Ogx tangie is called butang going its about 3months old from seed ive trained to keep short and get lots of tops and cuttings but then i gota chemfors clone i took off b4 i flipped and a purple train wreck clone ive trained for a while so on to a couple pics ive got of the veg tent


1 querkle 2 jacks cleaner2 in back

cookies in the front green crack on the right ptr on the left and butang in the middle as u can see ive got about 20 clones im gona put a few outside and keep a few in my garden but they are all strains im sure they are female in my garden im excited about this journal if any1 wants 2 follow a gardener that trys lots of different grow styles this is ur spot cause im getting a notill bed for half of my 4x8 and prob a flood and drain for other half or maybe a rdwc not sure what way im gona lean yet but its gona happen soon i might just stay how ive got it now but i wana try to simplify my transition and moving from tent to tent or if i should just make 3 different 4x4 chambers maybe 1 led 1 cmh and 1 hps lol thats just me thinking out loud

The last thing i wana address at the beginning is nutrients i use advanced nutrients pretty much whole line grow micro and bloom usually for veg and the connoisseurs A&B for bloom but i also use cannazyme rhizotonic mammoth P ive got biotannacare sweet Raw Berry Citric kinda like bud candy for AN ive also used biotannacare pure blend pro for veg but not lately i also use hydroponic moonshine and some nector for the gods but thats generally for soil so i dont use it as much in my dwc just zuse juice and hurclian harvest maybe bloom kahos but im gona jump in soil head first n hopefully redwoods and pineapples grow out


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Last nite i got 7 more clones 5 WW X BIG BUD AND 2 ARE SKUNK im super excited to run both of these strains pictures will be posted soon
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