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Hi everyone after a long time, wish u all high and happy . Everything is fine in my growroom. This time i'm here to share and have your precious experiences. So grow room spec. :
-90*90*200 secret jardin
-400w mh/hps ballast
-400w osram plantstar/ 400w Philips(veg)
-td-silent 240 to cool the lamp and the room also i left the reflector's glass open, just a finger thick. That cooling system has a seperated fresh air port.
-temperature controled socket. Attached to td-silent 240. Sensor placed top of the plant. Setted to 28 celcius degrees.
-a small fan blows direcly to the reclector's bottom
-there is a fresh air intake fan that is working 7/24
-if needed there is a separated sensored socket for heating but i really don't need it since i'm growing autos.
-Hesi nutrients
-R/O water
-cal & mag
-12 lt tank
-pH Veg. 5.8 (5.5-6.4)
Bloom 6.2 (5.7 - 6.4)
-eC 1.40 uS
- water temp 18-24 celcius degrees
-the seed comes from "Royal Queen Seeds" Amnesia Haze Auto which i copied her seed with silver ionized water.
-birthdate 10th November

Main system is Deep Water Culture (DWC) which i really love. Today is day 37, i chopped her top... It was late one maybe but it better than not acting =)

Whatever i know that she is going to be well soon.


An interesting lower branch, it is really thick and has 3 leafs rather than 2 and it is alternated.


Hi! So that lower branch had been split. That's the first time for me.


High Times.


Hi there! Some new pics. We'r coming to the end.
I had some pH issues as always but it is in control right now. See you at harvest time (approximately 10th Feb)

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