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DWC, MarsHydro, FoxFarm Run


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Whats up people,

got something interesting going on here for ya. DWC, MarsHydro300, FoxFarm Nutes trio, Recharge

First DWC, former microgrower,

Conditions optimal, 65water, 750ppms, 59ph, dont change much, drinking water. Dont know how to rise PPMs after res change tho, was wondering about that. should of been in 840-980 range this week, but never got above 760ppm. Using RO water 003ppms, and use PH up/down if needed ( GH ), usually down after res change.

OK, so, I wanted cheap. Grow to save money, right? Got 2xMars300, and some lenses and now, its a beast.

Par is 1450 or so at 18inches. Had m last grow like 18 inches away, and I think it just shut it down, then when i moved it, it was already scared of the light, lol.. Noooooo.. Never got any burn lookin leaves, but just slowed growth. But then again, might of been BECAUSE I DEFOLIATED, ugg, never again. anyways,,,,,,,,,,

So, now I have this 40 inches away. i think is 620ish par, Not really sure. Dont have a par Meter, but hacked a Lux meter. Drilled a hole in the cover, and it gave me my reading like I read it would. Not sure of the validity of it tho.

BUT, I do know that this Mars with lenses is around 1450 or so. Before I found the thread on the lux hack, I read about using Lux conversion to par by division of a number, presumably 78. I found that I had to use 35, from the ratio lux and the number Par that I knew I had from 18inches.

So, then I went and looked at videos of lux/par from different people and logged and crunched, and the whole conversion thing seems legit, as long as you have the 2 reading to have a starting point.

So, I went thru and did all the numbers and measurements from different heights, and logged what I thought the PAR would be. Then I found the Hack of the Lux meter. After doing the mod, the numbers were almost exactly what I had logged from the simple conversion, so that was promising.

One more test, to see what the legitness of the hack was, would be the Mars300 without the lenses. BANG, 550 par at 18inches.. *uggg. not right. How depressing. Then, It dawned on me a short 5 seconds later. I forgot to turn off the other Mars. Turned it off, and low and behold, Par reading was 315. BINGO.

Again, I know it cant be to right, I dont know, but it was a triumph moment to see the 315 show up on the meter.

OK, so now, here are My Par readings. again, speculation, but a true PAR at 1450 @ 18inches is very real, so all this is off those numbers.

22 inches- center- 1225par -585 ave over 13 reading spots
32 inches- center- 760par -477 ave''
39 inches- center- 620par -445 ave''
55 inches- center- 395par -317 ave''

3 days from seed popped



Begining week 3

40 inches from light
Hope all is well in your world.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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