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DWC Master Kush and White Widow LST & Scrog - Round 2


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I used a power strip before my ballast with no issue, just selectively shop for one to make sure it has a high power rating in amps, otherwise the ignighter might trip the strip and leave the ladies in he dark. Also might want to keep the ballast mounted on the exterior as they get rather warm and you'll already have your hands full cooling the lamp. If the outside is not an option, at least build a box for the ballast up high in the cabinet and dedicate 1 or 2 small PC fans to actively cool it while it operates.


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Aloha Stealthgrow and anyone else. When turning a closet into a grow area, where does one plug all the electrical gadgets? I want to go DWC and soil with a 600 watt hp light, fans, pumps, ect. Closets, at least mine does not have outlets. Do I have to put a few in? And am I to understand that a balast can not or should not be plugged in a power strip? Much Mahalo and have great days. I was strickly an outdoor grower but really want to bring some in. Aloha and "Keep it Green".

I ran a new outlet from my basement to an upstairs closet. I placed the outlet approximately 3 feet up from the floor to avoid any inadvertent water from splashing on it. Off of the same line I put another outlet in the attic to run my fan.

I didn't have any outlets in the closet to begin with so I was left with 2 options. Splice into one of the outlets from the adjacent room and risk blowing a fuse with the additional power draws. Or play it safe and run a new outlet with its own fuse.
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