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DWC nutrients?

I’m on my first successful dwc and I’m changing the water and nutes weekly but my parts ppm is going down quite a bit, they were at 1250 on Sunday and now it Friday and they have dropped to 620. Plants look great and growing great but am I supposed to keep my ppms at a constant or should I let them drop throughout the week? Thanks!!


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If they look great why change it.
Because the ppm said so lol. The idea is to keep the ppm steady. If it's not steady, then regardless of how good they look they could always be doing better. If it's dropping like that deficits will eventually appear. If it's rising then toxicities will eventually happen. Both options result in slower growth rates. Again, regardless of how fast theyre growing it could always be better. Keep it steady and they should stay perfect. All there is to hydro growing mate. Just follow the numbers on the sticks.


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I’m not a dwc expert, only tried it once, so I’ll respectfully acknowledge my own lack of experience in that arena.

Bumping up from 2.5EC on plants that look great seems like a bad idea to me, but then again maybe it’s not. If you do end up ramping nutes I’d love to see some before and after pics. Helps us all learn.


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How much water did you add before the ppm dropped rule of thumb is once you add as much as you started with then change your water let's say you have 4 gal. In your buckets and have to add a gal. A day then you would change your water with fresh nutes every 4 or 5 days so you might just need to change water more often


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Just keep her feed and happy. The ppm can drop. But basically that means she is eating her nutrients. I always let mine drift over the one week time frame. I once hade to do twice a week bucket changes. They was just drinking so fast. If. You want to keep her on top notch feeding is just switch to a bigger Rez
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