DWC question

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So I kept a dozen of my mystery strain for the option of future use but then had to work out of town for a couple months and then kinda just forgot about em. 11 died but one was doing okay. So pretty much 6 months it was in there with no added water ( container was getting pretty low ) no artificial light.
So I decided I would use it. Transferred it to a new container with water that's worked fine for the other 100 ( 600 ppm ). It was seeming to love it for a few days so I upped that watts ( doubled but only at 180 ) circulation is in check, temperature in check. Lights were 18/6 but 24/0 for a couple weeks( timer quit ) It's drooping badly. Not dying but looks over watered. Back on 18/6 but it's only been 1 schedule of that so over stress? 6 months on one light schedule then switching it ( it's other 100 sisters hated 24/0 too so idk...