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DWC Raft Cloner


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My Take On A DWC Raft Cloner

I thought I'd throw together a DWC raft cloner I've had knocking around in my mind. We've all seen these DWC cloners a million time, I know, and I've put together one or two others by cutting holes in the LIDS of totes and containers BUT have never done a raft-style or experimented cloning w/ one. Had varied success w/ other DWC clone designs. More than a few growers claim these DIY DWC raft cloners are just as effective as the expensive aeroponic cloners that sell for hundreds. Total cost on this was about 50 bucks in parts. It's my "DWC 40" model w/ 40 spots for clones.

The res. is a 15 gallon Sterilite tote. The raft is 1" thick rigid sheet foam insulation. Light is 150W CFL. Used 2" mesh pots w/ the bottoms cut out and the foam taco holders. Used 2" hole saw to perforate raft. Res. has a heater to maintain 80F, two airstones for oxygen, and a 25% Ionic Grow solution w/ Green Fuse Concentrated Root Stimulator:











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That is awesome. When I was a ten, myself and a friend tried to build one of these at the advice of my older brother's friend. We had actually used cut up couch cushions inserted into a styrofoam raft like yours, but did not use or even know what a clone was back then. Our design never produced anything that lived, but it was fun and ever since I wanted to grow something. That was more than 20 years ago. Maybe I'll give it another go when I have more space to play with.


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That is awesome.

:adore: I'm not worthy!

Thanks, really. There's TONS of these type of designs out there. I'd post a Roll It Up dot org link, but the mods broom any links to other sites, but this or most any other grow site will have lots of links and posts on the subject.

Best part is no dome, no misting no nothing. Like ole' Ron Popeil's pitch you just "Set it & forget it!" The clones may wilt a bit after cutting, but as you can see in the final full tray pic taken about 16 hours after cloning, they bounce right back.


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teEn* 16 to be exact, and that was before I heard of cloning or nutes or anything like that, just bits of misinformation and desire. We were trying to grow under flood lights and halogens. We even thought dark seeds were females and white the males. Back in those days, sinsemilia (pardon the misspell) was a strain to us, not how the plant is grown. Every imaginable rumor was held by us to be gospel.

In your raft set up, how long till they root? Is it quicker or slower than the dome? I'd imagine quicker as the inclusion of an inoculant would likely speed root development up. Also, can you pop seeds that way too?


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In your raft set up, how long till they root?

Depends on the varietal and the usual stuff about clones such as health of the mother plant, where on the mother the clone is taken, size of clone, trim method, etc. Typical is about 10-12 days and you have enough roots for soil or hydro.

Is it quicker or slower than the dome? I'd imagine quicker as the inclusion of an inoculant would likely speed root development up.

It's just that the dome isn't required due to the fact that the entire plant stalk is submerged allowing enough transpiration. See the last pics; no leaf wilt and very little trimming of leaves on clones. With or w/o dome, don't know as I've never used a dome.

Also, can you pop seeds that way too?

Not that I've seen. Dunno how you'd physically support the seeds...maybe those elongated Root Riot peat plugs.
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