DWC: Rainbows & Amnesia Haze


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i'll tag a long and watch what ya setup is. pics would be nice and perhaps have a look at how to make a journal so you could provide adequate information.
Seeds sprouted in water and now transferred to root cubes atop Actimel yoghurt drink pots filled with RO water on a heated seed mat topped with a dog sprat plastic tub.

It is a bit chilly in my garage..
hey @BirdieNumNum you might want to copy the link of this journal and put it in your signature like the other once you've done :)
Cheers mate !

It is Autumn where I am and daytime temps are not much above 12 celsius with nights dropping near zero.

All moved to a grow tent, plastic tub (lid) removed to reduce risk of damping off.

Sprouted seeds in rooting cubes atop individual pots full of RO water with a gap between the sponge and the water level.

Sat on a heated seed mat in a small grow tent with a ceramic reptile bulb heater and an exhaust fan.

I may need to water the sponges a little to stop them drying out before roots grow into the water.

Tent is in a garage on a cement net floor so I have some insulation between the mat an the floor and the reptile heat lamp is being turned on and off with a simple timer to try and keep temps up whilst reducing electricity cost.

Lighting is a 90w quantum board type light.

Plan is to move to a shared seedling DWC tank in a main grow tent under a larger single Quantum Board once we have sufficiently sized seedlings.

Seedlings will eventually be moved into permanent DWC tank(s).



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Sponges almost dried out before I watered them.
This is what happens if you don't look in on your sprouts for a day or so.
Any how .. watered them and got to be happy with results so far.
Also raised them all up closer to the light
Amnesia Haze is the smallest one that still has the seed shell on. Resisted the temptation to pull it off...

bring those temps closer to 26c. your humidity is on point :thumb:
1 of the Rainbows has died from a lack of water...another is going the same way.

Rest are all doing fine with 5 to 8cm roots in the water.

i want to end up with 2 Rainbow and 1 AH...so no more room for F Ups
Now moved into a tent in large DWC tank.
0.8 EC and 5,8 pH
A bit chilly but hoping A 24/7 light schedule under a145w AND A 90W QB will heat things up a bit.
I want to end up with 2 Rainbow and the AH and will be manifolding them all


Annoyingly they are all just sitting there not doing a lot.

Swapped out the nute tank and may need to do it again as I am playing pH see saw as a result of a overly generous helping of PH down just as everything was looking right !
We still have life in one plant....I think the problem was ... I fried the poor little buggers with the lights and then froze them to death because I thought the heat from the lights would be sufficient - forgetting its not summer any more !

So..with the last survivor I have --dropped the exhaust fan down to go on 15 mins every hour, walloped in a 250w ceramic reptile bulb on a timer so it is turning on and off several times an hour. My temp controller is being used in another tent.

The roots on this are over 12 inches long

I’m going to guess you have a serious light leak and your roots are rotting. Get rid of the foam and get some proper filler ?
This ... your plants will NOT grow ..until you address this ...don’t heat your water.
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