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Dwc root rot. Help please!


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Hi SWIM has a plant 4 weeks into flowering (chronic fruit juice strain) and I've noticed root rot getting worse and worse, 4 days ago. SWIM added 4ml/gallon of h202 and left it for about 24 hours to soak it up and then gave it a rez change. Yesterday the root rot came back with a vengeance, smelled like death. SWIM decided to take the plant out of the DWC and wash it out with a hose, take out the hydroton and put new hydroton, wash it all out thoroughly with pretty strong pressure hose. Then after another Rez change SWIM added 1ml h202 to the rez of about 4 gallons. Now did I do something wrong? By the way I let air lines and air stone in a Pretty high amount of h202/water to make sure everything is as clean as can be. Is it fine to leave the h202 in the rez till the next change or would SWIM be better off changing it again? I doubt .25ml/gallon will have any ill effect on the girl. All responses and thoughts welcome, thank you!
By the way temp of the room stays at a consistent 76 degrees and there's a 1000 watt light for 2 girls, SWIM keep the ph at 5.8-6.1 as much as possible and keep the ppm at under 500 (using reverse osmosis water).


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Hi: I have used h202 to rid myself of root rot 2 or 3 times I've left it in my res at 3ml a gallon for an entire cycle of my res with no problems except it got rid of the rot. I finally was convinced to switch over to Dutch Master Zone by my hydroponic store manager as he explained to me the h202 will dissipate in a day or two and you are open again to infection never had another problem after switching. Watch you DO, dispersed oxygen, the amount of free oxygen available in your water from stones, water plumes or jets etc. I had a very nasty problem with this when I did my 1st RDWC grow my plants stopped growing and older fan leaves turned yellow & dropped off but I understand root rot is another symptom of this problem. Good luck let us know what happens.


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What are your rez temps? I keep mine between 60 and 66 degrees. I have had beautiful roots all the way through and this is my first DWC grow. My problem is brown spots and dyeing leaves. Make sure your temps are cool cause that does prevent the rot. The warmer the temps the more Bugs can grow. The cold water keeps alot of those bugs dormant or dead. I started in a 30 gallon tote and transferred to a 50 gallon. I used the totes instead of 5 gallon buckets cause a bigger rez is easier to keep cool. I do the frozon 2 liter shuffle and it works awesome. I also put some insulation around my tote and used a piece of foam insulation for the top. I cut the holes in it for 5" net pots and the light reflects right off of it. As for now I would go to your local Hydro store and get some root 66 or whatever they have to fight it. I wouldn't trust the Peroxide. I would get something specific to fight it. IMHO Also, haw far to the netpot to you fill the water. I still keep mine 1/4" above my netpots so everything still submerged.

This stuff is really good but not what I use. Radiant Barrier & Bubble Foil Insulation | Innovative Insulation Inc.

This is what I use its called Polyisocyanurate.


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I like to keep my Rez temps between 68 and 72 .

Any higher = root rot.
Any lower = slow growth

I also use orca premium liquid mycorrhizae to keep root rot at bay.
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