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DWC root rot slime - Advanced nutes - Help!


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Just went through root rot 3 weeks ago and plant just now recovering. Added Great white and new nutes last night and just looked in bucket and bottom and side are tan/light brown and the bottom of net pots and roots have a clear to white slime in spots. Is this normal? Beneficials or do I have problems?


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With root rot they usually are real slimy, brown to dark brown and will fall off in clumps just by shaking the net pot in the air. Smells bad too.

I hear that bennies coat the roots with a clear kind of slime but I've never used them so haven't seen it myself.



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yea the great white makes a brown/yellow slime all over everything.
I changed to orca it's a liquid form of great white no slime.

i think once you have the rot you can't 100% get rid of it without changing everything.
If you can post a pic will be a lot easier to help.


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To update about my main post
The girls never made it.
I did a few experiments with them the slime never realy went away 100% it was well into the Stoke.
Adding any nutes at all made the slime go ravage
I did all this in 3 day increments fresh Rez each time.
I fed piranha at 4ml into Stoke = fast new root growth
Feeding nutes from top over pebbles = slime
Topping up bucket = less slime
Adding silica = less slime
Adding orca = slime
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