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DWC water level for seedling


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It's been about 8 days since I put my germinated seed into clay pellets (probably won't do that again and opt for Rockwool first)and finally I've got roots poking through the netpot. I've currently got my water level so that my net pot is dipping into about 3/4 inches of water. Now that I've got some roots showing should I change the waterlevel? Also when should I start my GH nutes? It's currently just dechlorinated tap water with an air bubbler that I've been trying to keep at around 5.8-6.3 ph. That air bubbler seems to be raising my ph really really fast


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I personally leave the water level close to half way up the net pot. When the roots have grown long enough to stick out of the net pot and are long enough to still be touching water, I remove water to just a hair above the bottom of netpot. Let em continue growing and once a root or more are 2 inches past the bottom of netpot, remove water so the new permanent water level is 2 inches below the net pot. Done.


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Yes, you need to reduce the water level, nutes until it is too early to start as for me. Do not raise the pH level above 6.8, definitely. But I, the clay granules and the like never recognized, do not justify themselves, as for me. Good luck, man.


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I ph at 5.7 to 6.2 in veg. Sometimes I let it go as high as 6.4 for a day but keep in mind at above 6.0 iron can't be absorbed so you definitely want it at 5.7 to 5.9 majority of time.
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