DYI self burping jars tutorial!


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I posted this in my journal but figured it would find more people with a fresh thread of its own.

This is my first tutorial so go easy on me!

Here we go!!!! It sure seems like it will work like a charm!!! Just finished my first self burping jar!
It was actually really simple too. My only warning is that it is strongly advised to have and use a drill press for the glass coring portion.
Also, I got the idea from a journal somewhere, but I cannot for the life of me remember who's or where..

Here's what you need- minus the gorilla glue pictured, used hot glue instead.

- glass jars, whatever size you want. (Plastic would be way easier, but thc can break some plastics down, so be safe and just use glass)
- suction cups (to make one way valve)
- rubber hole grommets (picked up at local hard ware store)
- small aquarium air hose (i used 1/4 inch OD)
- small zip ties
- hot glue gun and glue
- drill and small bits
- glass coring drill bits, i used the 8mm size(very cheap and easy to find on Amazon or eBay)
- small aquarium air pump (this one cost me $13.00 at my local hydro shop)
- splitter for air line, I still have to pick that up.




First things first.

I drilled small holes in the centers of each suction cup. Just barely big enough to squeeze the zip-ties through.


Next we need to drill a hole in the lid of the jar, right in the center, and only big enough to squeeze the zip-tie through. Then before putting the zip-tie/suction cup on the lid, drill 5-6 more holes around the one you made for the zip tie.

Then you'll need to fill around the head of your zip-tie in order to make sure air isn't leaking around the zip-tie where it goes through the suction cup. Then put the zip-tie through the hole in the lid and pull it through until the suction cup is slightly pulled/ pressed against the top of the lid and glue around it on the inside of the lid and hold until the glue cools, then snip excess zip-tie off and apply a little more hot glue. Congrats! Your lid/one way valve is complete!

Next you will need to core a small hole in the bottom of the glass jar. And I do not advise trying this without a drill press. You may be able to manage it with 2 people and a hand held drill, but I really wouldn't want to try it that way. When coring the hole in the jar use a little water to cool and lubricate the process, then very, and I mean VERY light pressure or you will either ruin the whole jar, or have a very ugly hole that will be difficult to get a good seal around.
Once you core your hole all that is left is to smash the grommet into it then feed just a bit of the air hose through!

Now just fill with delicious buds that are ready to cure and plug the air pump into a light timer set to on for 10 mins twice a day, adjusting is less and less over time as the cure progresses. At least that is about what I'm looking at with the air pump i have. You will need to check your pumps rated flow and then compare that to the size of your jars.

Happy growing everyone!!! :420: :Namaste:


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I'm proud of it @InTheShed ! Lol. And really excited to not worry or bother with the chore of burping! Assuming it does indeed work as I do belive it should, and will. It will get its chance to shine very soon :party: :tommy:


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Love this! Ive drilled sooo many holes in perfectly fine aquariums, its second nature to me. Gentle pressure, a slight rocking motion(in and out sorta) and a stream of water . I filled a 5 gal bucket with water, used airline tubing to creat a siphon out the bucket and taped the other end just above where i was drilling. Think of glass as clear tile, and you'll be sussed


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Great Scot! :oops: Would a much larger plastic container, that you could place a smaller glass container with no lid inside, maybe eliminate the glass boring part? Plastic just being easier to work with is all. Theres no contact with it either.
Marvelous work man, nice.


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And btw. General update. The jar is a fabulous success!! I will be converting the rest of my 1gal glass jars very soon!! The cure in the modified jar is stabilizing nicely, have adjusted from twice a day burps to once


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Thinking farther into staying with glass, the chinamart sells those large jars with the removable spouts, ready hole for ya airline right on it. Slightly-ish larger hole granted presents a new issue but us MCguyvers work thru that no problems.
This curing (minus this invention) worries me the most, storing it out of sight after burping once a day. Nice game changer man, glad its working the right way.


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I do this, but with buckets mostly. I do have some 1gal tupperware that seals up real good if needed.

I like the tupperware/plastic as opposed to glass for a few reasons. First being, well, glass. I could use my press, and have, but meh, I'm over it. :19: Long a it's food grade, no problem. And if a bucket or container gets worn down, easy and cheap to replace.

Second is the bigger reason: capacity. 1gal aside, if one were to use a bunch of quart jars, that's still a bunch of quart jars. You may not open them, but you still have to have buy them and all that. Buckets/big tupperware hold more, and make it easier over all if your whole plant can fit into a bucket or two. (Two for one plant is rare, unless you're growing outside or have multiples of the same plant.)

However, the finer points aside, this type of setup absolutely works. Can you mess it up? Sure. But unless you get silly, it's all good. For buckets, a remote hygrometer is key so you can see the RH in the bucket and know how often you need to cycle the air.

A 5gal or 3.5 gal bucket needs a big boveda (like the 67g ones) once you're RH is stable and hits the 63%+/- mark. :D

Tell ya what though. The time saved by this type of thing is awesome. Jar it, let the air go on the timer, and poof. Check in on it every now and then as needed. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


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Yes, it is a very scalable system to your needed capacity. And very simple!

I just so happened to have the gallon mason jars, proper glass coring bits and time lol.

In the future i will be getting food grade 5 gallon buckets and not improvised one way valves!
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