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Dying Leaves - Red Stems - Curling Tips And Yellowing During Early Flowering

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Hi farmers,

First time grower here. I'm in week 3 of flower with my Bruce Banner, grown in coco. She's been an extremely healthy looking and fast-growing plant until just recently, when I started to notice some brown/ dying spots on like all of my fan leaves. They don't seem to match any nutrient deficiency or excess I've seen on the internet.

I'm using FF Tiger Bloom 2 tsp/gal, Big Bloom and Cal-Mag 1 tsp/gal, PH 5.8-6.5, under a 1000w hps (just over 2 ft from top of canopy). The problem started on my oldest fan leaves and seems to be spreading to new growth, starting with brown curled up tips. I also noticed that all leaves experiencing this have reddish purple stems, while all the healthy growth has green stems. Please help!!

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Hey and welcome to :420:
That does look like a P deficiency.
Phosphorous deficiency symptoms include; red stems and slow, stunted, or deformed growth but also include darker green lower leaves as well as leaves that may yellow then die. Adding a fertilizer containing Phosphorous can fix this problem but, while improvement to damaged areas may not show, newer growth will appear normal.
Here's a direct link to the source material.

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