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Dying Woman Loses Marijuana Appeal


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A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that a California woman whose doctor says marijuana is the only medicine keeping her alive is not immune from federal prosecution on drug charges.

The case was brought by Angel Raich, an Oakland mother of two who suffers from scoliosis, a brain tumor, chronic nausea and other ailments. On her doctor's advice, she eats or smokes marijuana every couple of hours to ease her pain and bolster a nonexistent appetite as conventional drugs did not work.

The Supreme Court ruled against Raich two years ago, saying that medical marijuana users and their suppliers could be prosecuted for breaching federal drug laws even if they lived in a state such as California where medical pot is legal.

Because of that ruling, the issue before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was narrowed to the so-called right to life theory: that the gravely ill have a right to marijuana to keep them alive when legal drugs fail.

Raich, 41, began sobbing when she was told of the decision and said she would continue using the drug.

"I'm sure not going to let them kill me," she said. "Oh my God."

When the case was argued before the appeals court a year ago, the government said it could not guarantee that Raich or other seriously ill patients using medical marijuana would not be prosecuted. Over the years, the government has raided dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries, mostly in California.

The case is likely to reach the U.S. Supreme Court, but each time the high court has taken up the issue of medical marijuana it has ruled against allowing the sick and dying to use the drug to ease their symptoms and possibly prolong life.

The latest legal wrangling once again highlighted the tension between the federal government, which declares marijuana an illegal controlled substance with no medical value, and the 11 states allowing medical marijuana for patients with a doctor's recommendation.

Voters in 1996 made California the first state to authorize patients to use marijuana with a doctor's recommendation. At least 10 other states followed suit.

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Jesus Fucking Christ. What the hell could those judges possibly be thinking? What horrible degredation of society will allowing this woman to smoke marijuana lead to? But hey, I'm sure she'll be better off with Oxycontin for her pain anyways. 'Cause thats so much safer...:24:

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It is all pretty ridiculous, what are they going to do? Put a woman that is skin and bones from her illness to jail? Sad, very sad.

I did like her interview on local news. She was at home with a gallon sized jar half filled of bud in front of her, and little glass pipe in hand. During the interview she loaded the bowl, lit it and took a nice hit . She said, "I'm smoking anyway, come and get me." Then she looked straight into the camera and defiantly said "You know where I live..."

This lady is a hero in the fight for legalizing marijuana. And a perfect example of why it is so important to so many people who are suffering.

Good Luck, Angel, give em hell!!!

(How about some letter writing on this, folks. I am.)


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It was good to pursue this case if only for the media attention.

There could have been no other decision by the Court. Tell me if I'm wrong but I have always understood that the Supreme Court simply interprets the law, it can't change it. Our legislators in the Senate and the House are the only people that can change this medical cannabis situation.

I've heard Ms. Raich speak at BPG in Berkeley and her points are valid and sincere.

:3: :peace:


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They (the supreme court) can't change the law, but they can rule it unconstitutional as written can't they?

I'm sure if the Court could have, they would have. :3: :peace:


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this is fuccin disgustin' man...im def. going to find more info and write a letter...i love my country...but the people running this bitch...i just don't know...
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