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Dyna Gro Bloom & Flower - How much?

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Hey folks,

For those of you who use dyna gro (both bloom & flower), how much do you add per gallon of water? The brand suggests that I use 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon but that seems really low.

Peace n Love

EDIT: Also, do you guys only flush three times or do you alternate between nute water and regular water?
It depends on your medium
for soil I have been using this schedule for about a month now as I just switched to dyna gro and bloom.I also use calmag at all stages.
In soil -i feed once a week and flush once a month and when I go to bloom I well start over with small dosage.
start with one teaspoon per gallon then increase the dosage each time I feed by .5ml per gallon. It's always best to start low then go up from there because it's easier to fix a deficiency than having too much. I'm at 2.5 tsp per gallon and 2.5tsp calmag per gallon right now and the plants look great, go to the website because it has schedules for hydro and soil needs. IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT TO FLUSH THIS! Salt build up is really easy to do with these nutrients but I'm really impressed so far.
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do you only water your plants once a week? I thought flushing was done by merely giving the plant water and letting it drain out?

Also, by schedule for the dyna gro grow, you're referring to starting with a teaspoon and increasing .5 each watering?
I feed every Saturday water Monday and Thursday. In soil you want it to be dry about two inches down in the medium before watering again and it all depends on the heat of your lamp. Ie 1000watt vs 400w
The basic meaning of flushing is to rid the medium or hydro system of all salt build up and excess nutrients that will end up hurting the plants later in life. I have 5 gallon pots so once a month I'll put 6-10 gallons of ph neutral water through the plant to "flush" the soil and bring the ppm (parts per million) back down so when I feed it won't harm the plant.
And yes when you feed you should increase the amount in small amounts each time because as the plants grow they will eat more food. You shouldn't feed to early though. Average first feed should be about 3-4 weeks old