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Hi all, first time post here as I am new to the community. I have been growing for about two years now and just switched my nutrients around from medi one (which I did not like at all) to dyna gro and dyna bloom.I am also using liquid w8 durring the flower stage to add more sugar and crystal formations on the last stage. I have done a ton or reaserch on different nutrients that are out now and have seen and heard both good and bad reviews on the success of each variety of nutirents other growers have used.

My garden has never had a successful bounty, the medi one we used dropped the pH down to 3.3 and had to use pH up but never had a yeild of more than an ounce per plant. We have two 250watt cfl lights for veg and two 600watt hps for flower and know that we should average 1gm per watt. Now that I just switched to dyna gro products I flushed all of our plants very heavily to get rid of salt build up and am waiting for 3-5 days before I begin the new treatments with dyna gro/bloom as well as the liquid w8 as stated previously.

If anyone can pass on some other helpful steps or if you have used the dyna gro products I would love to hear what you have to say. Many people recommend fox farms or advanced nutrients but they are a little too expensive for me right now. Thanks all, I'm all ears!
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