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Dyna Gro question

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Using dyna gro for my outdoor plants, and just switched from grow to bloom. Just ordered protekt after reading about it and wondered if I can mix protekt and bloom in the same watering can?
From what I remember you can, I think protekt is a silica supplement and bloom is going to be your base and micro nutrients but I would need to verify when I get home. I used to use dyno gro but switched to cyco line
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Well, apparently the answer is no. Says right on Protekt will not stay in solution in presence of an acid solution. I put the Bloom in and had a shower of white flakes. Oh well, live and learn.
You can mix them, you just can't directly mix them.. Like pour in the protekt, stir it up...pour in the mag pro, stir it up.... Pour in the bloom stir it up.. I also add about 3 spoonfuls of orca
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Yeah. Guy at my local hydro shop told me that as well, and sold me some koolblooms to add as well. getting some really nice buds with 5 or 6 weeks to go.