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E-juice for vaping, what PG/VG ratio?


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So, I made a batch using the 2nd method in this article: Make THC Vape Juice / Oil at Home - 3 Simple Methods

I used 2 grams of some good, frosty Sour Jack and 10ml of PG and 10ml of VG, along with a few drops of Glas Basix flavoring. I decarbed at 230-250F for 50 minutes. I used a double boiler and it took me a while to get the temp of the mixture up to 180F. So for about an hour it heated at 150-170F, and then 1.5 hrs at 175-180F. I added another 4ml of PG through the cook because a good amount had evaporated. It looks nice and golden and the consistency seems nice.

I've never vaped before and it hits harder than any flower I've ever smoked... it's hard for me to even take a nice long pull. I know I got a buzz off of it, but nothing like flower and I'm wondering if it's just because I can't get a good pull off of it without immediately needing to cough it all out. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I use more VG to make the throat hit not as bad? I thought PG was good though because the THC and other cannabinoids worked better with the PG.

Anyone have any other methods they know tried and true?
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I've got a bit of experience making juice....

It takes more material than you'd expect.

Hot me up if you wanna pick my brain.



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Never do e the liquid vape

Love my rosin press and really do like my flower vape too
What temp to you use on your flower vape? I have a Yocan Explorer and everything I've read says the sweet spot is 210C to get THC, CBN, CBD, and most other cannabinoids and terpenes... I can only guess, without truly knowing, that my Yocan is producing the temp it says it is; but, while I get a nice high, it's definitely different than combustion. Just curious what everyone's preferences are. At 210C, you get no smoke at all, which is nice if you need to be very inconspicuous.

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Personally...I think it's stupid and leads to smoking

Now if you vape not to smoke, like my GF, then good for you

Just not my thing....

I'll vape flower or smoke Rosin
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