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E-nuff medical history?


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I have insomnia and have seen a mental doctor, a nurse, and a physician. Told each my problem, and gave me their 2 cents on what's wrong. They concluded that I needed to pay a hundred something for a blood test to check your hormones levels, problem is that I have to wait 3-4 weeks for results due to winter break. So what I'm saying is, without going through with his hormonal check, is my history sufficient medical history to see a medical mj doctor?


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Your mmj doctor will most likely recommend the blood tests as well. I would phone a mmj doctor's office to check though. Obviously there is a good reason for the test, or the doctor would not have requested it. Also, an mmj doctor is no better or worse than a normal doctor, just that one will prescribe pot. Other than that there is not much anyone can say, as we are not doctors.


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Most potDocs' are simply there as a "consultation docor." As they can't really prescribe marijuana, only recomend it. So they would need you to have a primary doctor. I am pretty sure that they would also ask to see the blood test.


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If you go to one of the bigger operations, say Cannamed or an outfit like that, the Docs just ask what your problem is, note it and write your recco...simple as that. Documentation is good to have but not necessary in California.

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You will need alot of medical history from years passed. How many different meds have you tried? The doc will want to try other options first most likely. Its also good to bring your wife, husband, family member or whatever that can vouch for you & how marijuana helps you in day to day life. The key word is FAMILY. Thats what they want to hear.
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