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Eagles 2018 Tour


Member of the Month: May 2018
If you haven't gotten a chance to see the Eagles perform, don't let the passing of Glenn Frey deter you from seeing them with his son Deacon standing in.

The wife and I just saw them last night, and the concert was beyond spectacular. Not a big stage show, but the performance was absolutely superb. Joe Walsh, of course, treated us to his brand of performing.

Glenn's son sounds much like him, but he doesn't sing all of Glenn's old songs. The ones he doesn't sing are performed by Vince Gill. I was surprised how well Vince Gill blends with the band (we are also fans of Vince Gill). Vince never takes the position of front man. That is either Deacon Frey, Don Hendley, Timothy Schmit or Joe Walsh.

There was no opening act last night, so we were entertained with 2.5 hours of the Eagles music, with some Joe Walsh, and one Vince Gill song.

The tickets may be expensive, but when I say they were good. I mean good enough for us to try and see them again this year.

Pictures of the obligatory T-shirts + an Eagle bag because they had run out of plastic bags for the T-shirts. (Wifes idea) There are three T-shirts for my oldest daughter wanted one.

If you have ever wanted to see them, I urge you to do so. I promise it is a great concert.

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