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Earliest to Flower with SOG from seeds


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Hi all,

I've looked all over the internet trying to find when is the earliest time I can change the light cycle to begin flowering. I am trying to do the SOG method and have started from seeds.

So far I have 4 plants transplanted in their final 6 inch containers in a 2.5 square feet cabinet on a 24/0 light cycle since germination two weeks ago. I have heard you can begin the flowering cycle as early as 2 weeks, but the average is 4-6 weeks. Also, some articles give advice based on the size of the plants, but I am using CFL's and have the plants as close to light without them actually touching the bulbs since they do not produce as much heat, so I believe that is keeping them from stretching since they all seem relatively bushy. I really have no room in the cabinet for too much vertical growth and thus would like to begin flowering as soon as possible.

Thanks for any advice!


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what are the strains you're working with? If your final container size is 6" you will want to flower as soon as possible, but don't expect too big of a yield. The amount of bud you will produce is generally equal with the amount of root mass you have under the plant. You're right, keeping the CFL's close to the tops will prevent stretching and keep them bushy. Your biggest stretch will be the first 2 weeks after you switch to 12/12.. What you can do to minimize the stretch is trim all the main fan leaves off the main stalk, but leaving a few on the top, and it will slow the stretch down a little bit, which will make better use of your light and available space. Depending on the strain, it could stretch a lot or a little. Indicas in my experience stretch 1.5-2x their initial size, but sativa dominant strains can stretch even more, up to 3x their initial size. You can also supercrop the tops if they get too tall.

If you have the space, go with at least a 1 gallon pot size if you're going to run a SOG. Anytime I flower in 1 gal pots I usually get about 1oz from the plant (from clones, flower ~8" harvest ~16-18"). 2 gal pots with plants the same size typically yield me 1.75oz. 3 gal pots typically yield me around 3oz per plant but they stretch a bit more due to the added root room

As far as how soon you can flower, you can switch the lights to 12/12 whenever you want, you can even grow 12/12 from seed with success, but the plant won't start flowering until it's mature enough to start producing flowers.


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Thanks for your response.

As to the strain, the seeds came for a bag and they guy said was medicinal from Colorado called 'Mountain Berry' but I went through it like it was swag (it wasn't very good.) I have fem seeds I bought from the seed bank, but I wanted to complete my first harvest to make my mistakes and have time to set up a clone area.

You said I should flower as soon as possible, even though it has only been two weeks? The photo below is how big they all are right now. I read somewhere that it takes 3 week for the plant to 'determine' its sex and they can become hermaphrodites if flowered too soon. If I switch the light cycle to 12/12 right now will they be mature enough to flower? I would rather do another week of 24/0 if they are not mature enough to get maximum growth than switch to 12/12 and wait for them to be mature enough and have it take longer.



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More specs on setup/plants for optimal responses

Mountain Berry strain
supposedly sativa
6 plants, 2 not yet transplanted
In Vegetative for 2 weeks, starting Saturday Jan 28th
Soil, Miracle Gro Potting Mix in 6" pots
2 CFL lights at 40 watts (equivalent to 150-200W each)
Air circulation about 12 hrs/day
Temperature of Cabinet 75-80 degrees
RH of cabinet unknown
No pests that are known
Hand watering daily with facet water left over night to de-chlorinate
No fertilizers being used
Square Footage of cabinet is 2.5


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Yes u can start the 12/12 cycle whenever u want. To determine the sex of ur plant u need to put themon a 12/12 cycle n see if they r male or females. If u dont know how to check there is alot of info on this site that will tell u wut to look for. Also if u check out some of the members grow journals u'll find some of them doing "hempy" grows in 2L soda bottles n someone went straight from cloning (roots present of course) to flowering with sweet results. I might do the same thing on my next run. Also , MG soil is not the best for ur babies i would go with fox farm soil, just my opion. Good luck n happy growing

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