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Early Flowering?


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I have clones from two strains that are going into their 6th week of flowering (36 days). The trichomes on all of them are 80 % cloudy and translucent. The smell has also peaked and their not as sticky. They look ready to harvest! The two strains I'm growing supposedly take 55-60 days to flower(indoors). Do I have abnormally fast flowering plants? Two different strains?
Anybody heard of or had plants flower this quick?

Any info appreciated...


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You're right! The mother plants had a short flower time also, about 49 days. I run a 1000w HPS on a light rail for a 6x4 ft growing area in an 8x4 Grow Hut. The temp runs between 76 and 81 degrees F. I have a two fan intake and exhaust system w/ carbon filter, a humidifier and a room fan. I try and keep the humidity around 60 degrees F. I live in a desert climate and humidity is LOW. I am growing with soil in 8- 5 gallon grow bags.

Anything ring a bell?


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Both leaves and flowers.
The trichomes seem consistent from the top flower to the lowest ones, cloudy but not much amber coloring of the tri's. Maybe I should wait to see if they turn amber? At least there's no degradation of the trichomes yet.
Has anyone heard of plants reaching maturity this fast?


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Makes sense...I'll wait and monitor them .
Another question...I grow with DWC and wondered when I start flushing my girls with water 10-14 days before harvest, what stage should the trichomes be in ? Clear, starting to get cloudy or ?


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This is the cola from the God Bud mother plant of the clones I have in flower now.
This is the grow I've been talking about, near completion!
Again,thanks for your input. It's nice to have someone to bounce this shit off of.



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Just submitted the pic for Nug of the Month,thanks. Hope to get many more from my current grow.
Also, am trying taking clones from flowering plants. They are 10 days old and have roots showing! I was told you can get monster plants from them!


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And I just noticed I missed your question about trichomes up there..

Clear means they're not ready yet. Cloudy means they're basically mature, and amber indicates the beginning of THC breakdown.

But depending on the effects you're looking for, and levels of cannabinoids, your harvest time can vary greatly.

More info:

Knowing your strain helps a lot too. Sativa/indica dominance, etc.. Sativas I prefer mostly cloudy with very few clear/amber. For the Indica I'm growing now, I want to see some more Amber before I cut her down (I also want to see some more weight packed on as well).

Good luck on your nug of the month entry!
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