Early Harvest Question


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Hey folks

I have three plants all skunk#1xsuperskunk. They have been flowering for 7 weeks and one looks ready now as I would say the pistils are 60-70% brown (don't have a magnifying glass to get a closer look). Jus wondering on what people think about me harvesting the one that looks ready now. Another point is the mother took the full 8 weeks to be ready, do clones sometimes finish earlier than the mother did?

Also I will get a different high from this one than the other two which I am sure will go the full 8 weeks, is this correct thinking?

Any advice welcome

Thanks Mattman
Thanks Akorn

My mate came over tonight and managed to dig out his magnifying glass from his days of growing and the plants still have a bit to go, gonna go the full eight weeks give or take a few days. Not long now :cheesygrinsmiley:
Don't smaller plants mature a little bit faster than monster plants though?? If so, wouldn't clones instantly flowered mature faster than the mother?
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